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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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variably cloudy with chances of sun
Wednesday, August 19, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Pretty boy,you are so charming ;)
Thank you for everything :D

Woots! Ahoy earthlings! the blogger is back! :D missing me lately eh? I know.LOL Got nothing much to update,just that I'm preparing for my trials which is in one week time.Holidays are pointless since we got classes from Monday to Friday.WTH! MTV World Stage was a blast from what I've heard from my friends who went.Gave the red zone tickets to Lala.I know you'll love it (: Had my prefects installation rehearsal today.Felt so sad in the inside when I think about the retirement soon ): Great job goes to the form 4 for making this installation possible for the seniors :D

Chatting with
Dutch boy at the moment :D :D great time talking with him (: Pretty boy is at tuition now.Eheh.Dont want to disturb him lap you very muchyyy (: Naqib is still sick D: H1N1 is a curse.Gah D: Please dont take my sayangs away from me ):

And now I'm thinking,my mind puzzled and monologue heard for instant. Out of nowhere, I did regret my actions and I might put the matter in consideration instead of running away from the problem. Girls, they did that all the time. I noticed when I’m mentally exhausted the tears couldn’t falls from the socket.I paced the path triumphantly as if I just received compliment or succeed in exam which clearly not going to happen in any way currently. I cheered my mood with humming a tune and sang songs. I lost my sanity to the happy heart.

As if I were to recapture the old chapter of my life, I won’t be this blissful. I move on but never once I erased the memory from you-know-where-it-dwells. Thanks for the memory, I prefer walking alone and do some crazy stuffs.The rain didn’t stop till the end of the day. The whooshing winds kept accompanied me loyally and I schemed something. It fells on the right timing as I encountered massive frustration and there’s at least t
hat factor to make me in glee.

May everyday like today :)

Pictures time,people :D

yours truly with the slash :D

the MTV World Stage Red Zone tickets.



The love between us will never fades :D

ILY readers

See you soon (:

Oh TCH,imy ):
Where did you go?

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