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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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We were never perfection
Sunday, August 23, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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For couple of days I’ve been bugged by terrible nausea and headache. Unlike the cubic obsession which you can solve, my one isn’t yet found the conclusion. The whirling feelings inside has become in crisis battling between reality and dream. I need to wake up, I say.

Assuming the unsolved mystery will remain as one, putting it aside is the wise decision to cling on. Indeed, in time where dilemma straining my mind, I recover fast. Unfortunately, the second time given me thunderstruck, knocking my strength to falls apart. Broken trust, streaming tears, holding back, farewell in that dream had caused my reality life twirled to be a total confusion.

This time, I’m not healed. Bugging me off the sanity, I persuaded myself to search the root of it. The pain is killing me over and over again, whenever my eyes were shut closed, I found it was useless. Dragging me deeper to the woes and I’m aching too deep.

Perfect meditation, instrumentals are not working. Talked to
Danbaby and Dutch boy about it.and also Naqib hunn :D I become more focus and clear my head. Having session of brainwash and neutralizing soul from the tainted factors. Yet, it worsens the other half of me, monologue everyday on staying away from the dream which I consider as warning for me to behave.

I wonder why sometimes I'm being to nice to people.Then,it struck me again.I just dont want my friends to be lonely.I want them to be happy (: that
someone ask me, why are you so nice to me when i'm being such a snob?'the answer is simple : im full of love :D though I might be interpret as someone that is really annoying,the reality is I just want them to know that I care for them D:

The sleepy mood for days, I’m worrying what’s wrong with me. The impact blew me too hard, I couldn’t sleep well. Waking up at certain hours shockingly, so acidic for my mental though it’s common to stay up late. No wonder I felt like being casted by spell, often stealing free time to rest my eyes.

Now, I’m totally fine physically and mentally

I strawberry you too

She says,
To all my strawberries,sometimes when life is too sweet,you need some bitterness to neutralise it.So,accept the bitterness because they are there to help you (:

Thank you,T.