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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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It's magic,you know
Monday, September 14, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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birthday wishes;

the early wishers.

Mei Fen,Ayuni,Ching Wei,Ryan,Daniel,Jason,Ming Jin,Nalini,Raub,Alex,Menning,Danny,Toh;
thank you for the msges.

The Minjoot brothers;
thank you for the amazingly adorable birthday wish :D
I'm adorablelized by all of you (:

The juniors ;

thank you for your wishes

Christopher Leeraj;
thank you for being the greatest evil twin ever (:
and not forgetting my

to those who sang for me;

thank you for making the last song memorable enough :D

for the first to give me a birthday gift on the day.ily

Tirzah darling;
for the lovely birthday post.i cinta you too! :DDD

Class of 5 Science 2 '09;
the song and wishes was indeed touching (:
Thank you so much for the awesome year being with all of you :D

for the birthday hug that I'll never forget (:

for the birthday :D

The peoples who wished me in school;
Cherrie,Jo Yee,Ashbir,Nisa,Lina;
thank you so much.
i love you all

my sons;
mummy loves all of you :D Weeh (:

Puan Hasiah,Miss Tan,En Hazaari,Puan Shuhara,Puan Badariah,Puan Nadzarah;
the teachers of SMK(P) Bukit Kuda;

for the hugs and kisses for me (:
i was choked but then,you guys still rocks my socks! :D

the namjachingu;
I love you guys to death :D

Amy,Geetha,John,Michelle,Adrian,David,Vincent,Pei Ling,Pei Jun,Rymond,Owais,Joanne,Huay Teng,Irene,Soon Chia,Pei Jun,Calvin,Yi Yi,Yee Yin,Divya,Emira,Fiqah;

thank you for the wish, eventhough it's via facebook (:

the random partner,
Choo Weng Shen;
thank you for all the random convo we had :D

and the sayangs;
you know I love you

I have to say,
this is the BEST birthday ever.
I'm finally 17.

*throws confetti*

atika says :
thank you all of you sweethearts for all your wishes! ilyfoes!

the girl who was born on September 14th are now legal to drive.


Still waiting for the live version from Dutchboy.

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