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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Low rider a little higher
Saturday, September 5, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger... still coughing,badly.First week of trials is okay I guess.BM and English was seriously hard.I was not having my regular sleep,so I fell asleep in the class.ALMOST.Ngeee DD: Agama was easy since I happened to use my common sense to answer the questions.LOL.Abah reloaded my credit today.woot woot! :D so,I can text my friends again.Eheh.Had Chemistry class in the evening.Ikmal came and show me his class photo.OMGOSH! Ku Gim Chai is a total CUTIE!!!! *shrieked with excitement* :DDD Told my 5L friends about it and they just buat bodoh.jealous lah tu *eyeing on Chua* HAHA! LOL Pity Danny boy though.idiotic printer go and type his name wrongly.Pfft.

Finally got to text Toh after quite sometimes.We update each other about what has been going on with our life.It was really fun (: Toh is still funny as always :D Danbaby actually claimed that I'm going gaga over Ridzuwan and no =.= I just think they are a couple of lelaki yang comel ^^ lol.I accidentally ruined my sis's sandal (I'm dead when she found out about it *prepare to run away* )

As requested by Emiliya.
The first and last time I'm posting up his picture.
He's going
to kill me soon enough.
Please dont kill me when you see this,Naqib.

Meet Naqib!


Credits to himself for self camwhore.

FYI,he's half Chinese.

Please take not that yours truly is not seeing anyone at the moment.Why everyone like to make assumptions about me seeing someone? Ish D: All the people that I've mentioned in my blog before are all my dear friends.Probably those who say things about me are just jealous because they dont have friends to be proud of.*total sarcasm* and the people who make stupid comments about me being hiao can just rot in hell.Thank you very much.Blueks.Been texting a lot with Dutch boy lately.Funny story to be told but I'm not going to tell it here :P He called me,I called him x) Next week I'll be having Biology.yesh,the horrifiying Biology.I like Biology,but it seemed that myself doesnt get the idea of being good at it.crap =.= I'm going to die.HELP ME! *call Aaron to give me happy pills* Eheh :P Got my Maxis goodie bag from Tirzah today.damn nice wei (: (: (: (:

Probably I should stop here.
Mom hates to see me going online.

Danbaby and Dutch boy said I should go nerding.
ok lah.
I go nerding now.

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