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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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maybe i should invest in a bottle of tan??
Tuesday, September 15, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Eheh.I'm 17 years and 1 day old today.awesome huh? lol.Had my EST paper today.Did it badly.Ugh DDD: im so going to get killed by Puan Radziah when school reopens after Raya.Had the best birthday ever yesterday.My handphone was flooded with msges and also my FB.THANK YOU EVERYONE! :DDD There's still people who wished me although it's almost midnight (:

Thank you Shean,Sebastian,Alvin,Adwin,Le King,Daniel,Amanda,Penny,Pei Kee,Jason,Chupachups,Yen Yen sayang,Sanjeeva (:

The ones who wished me at school today,
Hui Lian,Mae Vin,Zoey,Khai Lin,Eng Shing and others :D

Dutchboy kept his promise to sing for me for my birthday present ever ((((: Received a call from him around 10 at night.The moment I answer the phone,he started singing.Nawww :DD I sayang you to death,Dutchboy.Thanks a lot (: Though he's not really feeling well these few days :O get well soon kay? Dont pressure yourself :D

Will be getting my birthday present during friends promise to treat me Big Apple,Starbucks,Sakae Sushi and also Secret Recipe.HAHA! jealous can ? :P Chatted with Tiff yesterday.I'm turning into a fangirl thanks to her :PP She's so spazzing over Super Junior M's new MV, likeyyyy too (: Yeseong is super HOT *rawr*
lol.Thanks for the birthday post too,Tiff.saranghaeyo,namjachingu *do kissy face* (:

Trials has been a pain in the arse.Gah D: I'll be dead if it wasnt for Danny my sayang for supplying me the tips for the papers.HAHA.Thanks a lot,Danny :DDDD *hugsstiff* xD Daniel has been nerding since forever.PUAHAHAHA xD i envy him :P he can really concentrate.and Menning is super random lately.Over excited maybe bout the holiday.HAHA.

Gossiping with Tirzah and Ashbir while waiting for my camwhored as well.Ngehehe :P Pictures will be uploaded soon with my bday presents (: Holiday maybe? (: Holidays starting this Friday and I'm supercalifragilistic excited :DDDDDDDD *bigbiggrins* planning with Menning.JOM! JOM! :D

I shall stop here.
Gonna clean the house.

Till then,readers.

*poof away*


Happy 17th birthday,Eric Lee Kan Siang.
God bless :D

Eh,where's my 500 bucks ay?

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