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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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We had a fight on the promenade out in the rain
Saturday, September 5, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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credits to Amal.
always wanted one as my birthday cake :DDD

My 17 birthday wishes :D
It wont be long,i promised (:

  • a 7 inches high heels (i can dream,right? )
  • a lot of money :DDDD (hey who doesnt,right? )
  • Jang Wooyoung to wish me happy birthday in person (be jealous,Tiff! HAHA!)
  • any quote t-shirt that embrace myself (preferablely from Catch Up boutique)
  • checkered stuff
  • any surah reading :DDD *eyeing on Naqib*
  • skinny jeans ( woots! )
  • shopping spree with my gfs
  • Cherrie's brain (I'm serious about this.LOL! )
  • A day out with my friends D:
  • brand new camera (digital one of course)
  • new handphone :DDD
  • Starbucks/Big Apple/Baskin Robbin (:
  • a boyfriend :P
  • my own driving license ( weee! )
  • someone to sing on my birthday *eyes on Aaron*
  • a lot a lot of birthday wishes (kezillion of it.Heh )

Spent the whole day nerding Sejarah since I got nothing else to do.Continued texting Dutchboy and Danbaby during the process (: oh and Yen Yen too.she is love i tell you :D I texted a yeah,shut up :DDD Go online for a while and check my Facebook.Naqib actually nudged me on Facebook.LOL! was quite happy because I dont really get to chat with him nowdays.Busy nerding,what else eh? I forgive you anyways since you are my unmarried husband :DDD MSN is being bloody annoying nowdays.Sometimes it just sign off just like that.Pfft.was chatting with Irene sayang,Daniel the bully :P and also Bjorn.Sorry guys ): Can never sign back in after that.God knows how annoying it is *roll eyes*

Reformatted my computer after a major crash.Loving everything new inside it but the problem now is they didnt install Microsoft Office 2007.Pfft.I hate this mahn.Cant you people do things right? Ish =.= Luckily the life saviour named Sarah (: (: (: happened to have the CD *jumped around like a monkey* lol THANK YOU,SARAH! I LOVE YOU!!! Oh ya,did I told you about the dental appointment that I missed? well,I went to the clinic to ask for new appointment date and do you know when is it?? *drumroll* 8 DISEMBER 2009! shocked? me too.but what to do,we're dealing with goverment here.SIGH.and 8 Disember happened to be Toh's birthday.aiks.I'm going to miss it DDD: Oh well,we can still go out after SPM until we puke :P HAHA! Met Fadzil during Chemistry class.CRAP.ihatethatfellasomuch.Dont ask me why.It's natural.

Continued nerding Sejarah until at night.and texted the evil twin also.He turned stingy when I asked him about my birthday gift.HAHA! Christopher Leeraj,dont turn stingy can? lol xD Texted Danbaby and Dutchboy (still) turn very very random with Dutchboy *finger points at him* lol chat A LOT through phone after midnight.hahaha talked to the brothers as well.Anselm and Ashley.woot woot! :D funny :DDD someone happened to have six packs wei *RAWR!!!* LOL! *ahem* Again,dont ask me what am I doing chatting until late like jealous ke? and to the silent fans of Aaron Minjoot out there (i know there is) he is just fineeeeeeeeee :D to Aaron,dont is here to protect you :D probably you are already shivering by now.HAHA. (and no,I'm not going to post up Aaron's picture here.for his safety ;D )

I got to go now.
Wanna nerd Bio pulak.

Starting to miss my sesat moments with Aaron already.

Toh Chun Ho is ;
fawesome :DDD

Regretted confessing to him that I like him.
What was I thinking?

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