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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Saturday, October 10, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Hello people!
What's up? :D
been a while since i last blogged.

some updates for all of you.
Might be getting my trials' result soon.
Will pray hard that I'll score my History paper.
*finger crossed*

School's okay lah.
Pecutan Akhir
for BM are still on.
so yeah,facing papers again.

Tuition finishing in two weeks times.
Sad wei.

cant see Mr.Mani again D:

Will edit this post soon.
My brother bugging me to use the computer.

Rofl ;)

Some people has been bugging me about me having a boyfriend.Although it might sound so ridiculous,but it's the fact.Hello,SPM lah *slapped forehead* :/ as i told earlier,my school are having their Pecutan Akhir for BM.I dont really pay much attention since My friends and I who are sitting at the back were busy talking and camwhoring with Yana's camera *bigbiggrins* lol.I'll upload the pictures when I got from it from her okay? :D Shasta is still a bugger,and always.her face seems like want to get a slap from serious.Blehhhh xD Most of my friends nowdays brought their phones to school.This is unusal for me because for my whole entire life,i never see ppl bringing phone and never get caught.Uish.

Been texting Kent lately.Trip to Big Apple had been cancelled because he claimed that it was MY fault *show tongue* Whatever :P I'll harass him for that Big Apple still.HAHA! I dont care! :D Danny and his Greenity team's picture came out in the newspaper.Heh :D Too bad it's in Chinese,so I cant read can read his post about it here.Ryan laughed at me because I wrote a small portion of him in one of the latest post. -__- at least,I write kan? :PPP Chatting with Arif is so much fun x) Funny he is.lmao xD

A friend of mine has been robbed few days ago and the police are totally useless.I mean,dude! do your job wei! A lot of her valuable things went missing and all the police did was gave her mother a long grandmother story.what a piece of shit! D: what worse was she's facing PMR now! OMG! Hunn! Be strong ya?? Will pray hard for you! *hugs* :DDDDD

Missing my sesat moments with the agogo partner.Cant reach him nowdays.Everyone's busy *sighed* the unmarried husband are ditching me for the books! you seriously owe me a treat wei!Weeh! xP Mamak! :D Going to Tena's house for Deepavali with Z-Yeng and Sue Ann :D Z-Yeng's driving! :DD and going to Aeon on Jas Min's birthday with Jeff.Jeff's driving! :DD Everyone's driving nowdays..I want to drive too! *screams* rofl ;)

May God Bless You Always!

Ong Su Ching;
the ever adorable friend of mine.
and we're the same height.
Cool kan? :D

Ching sayang!
You looked like a Japanese wei!

iloveyousomuch x)

Off for now.
39 days to go :)

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