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Saturday, October 24, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Had the prefects' farewell today.Really enjoyed the whole event :) Camwhored the whole day with the darlings and juniors.Carpooled Syaika from her house.Thank you,Syaika! :D Reached Botanic Clubhouse about 30 minutes later.Met Wei Qing there.Chit chatted then we proceed into the hall.Heh :) The event kicked off with the arrival of the celebrated VIPs (us) to catwalk in.Me and Cherrie became so hyper that we decided to go on the stage twice.ROFL.I love the music the most since my sister is the Korean songs can? :DDDD THE FOOD WAS SUPERB!!!! xD I actually tambah nasi twice since i was mother effin's hungry at that times.Gesh.I'm so going to be fat soon :P

The performances by the juniors were fun and very cute ^^ Will surely miss them after this.Everyone looked SO pretty during the event. :) Speeches from the head prefects and Miss Tan were inspiring as always :) The teachers were really sporting and i guessed they aslo enjoyed the farewell.I took tons of photos but ill just upload some here,okay? :D It was truly and enjoyable day for us seniors.Went back around 3 pm after hundreds of time camwhoring like nobody's x)

Pictures time :)

Tirzah Yeo,I LOVE YOU!!!

photo courtsey of Tirzah

the photographer.the driver.

the celebrated seniors.

our autograph.
spot my signature!!! :D

Chi Yen.Tirzah.Vee Thin.Atika.
pretty pretty x)

Chi Yen.Tirzah.Vee Thin.Atika.Amira.
another pretty shot :)

the darling and yours truly.

Cherrie and me.

I'm enterframing :P


Fashion Criminal.
was arrested for being way too pretty :D


The arrival of Miss Tan and Puan Haniah.
Miss Tan's gorgeous!!! xD

On the stage.
retarded pose -__-

Pei Nee.
The Organising Chairlady.

Our sourvenirs :)


the blogger.


To Pei Nee and the comittee members of the Prefects' Farewell 2009,
thank you so much for putting so much effort in this farewell.It was really fun.the seniors truly enjoyed our time during the farewell.and I hope that after this,all of you will never ever forget this short little tiny senoir of all! Xx

To the seniors,
Hope to see you guys really soon.In school maybe? Heeeeee :D Thank you for the awesome years working with all of you! :D

**More photos soon**


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