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Monday, October 12, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 1 comment/s

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The tittle does not,i repeat,DOES NOT refer to yours truly.I'm referring to a very close relatives of mine whom I treat as my own big brother :) Al-Azadi Al-Johari got married to Johany Masdar :D He got married today and the ceremony was indeed simple yet very content.It was held in Kampung Raja Uda.near La Salle.Heh :D The newly weds was very happy today.Stayed outside the house as the living room itself was already full.LOL.Almost all my relatives came to celebrate this happy event.and yours truly decided to camwhore with the sister to kill boredom.HAHA! Texted Le King and Tirzah.Woots! :D idiotic Le King went to play pool without asking me also.EVIL :P

Pictures edited with Picasa :D
Thank you so much,Ayuni :)

the blogger looked very decent :P

Abang Di!!!

The bridegroom is very nervous.

Focus shot.
getting ready to say the akad nikah :)

Both of them are no longer available now.

After the akad nikah ceremony,all the guests went outside to makan since it was already lunch time :) The sister and I take turn to take our food because the food table were full with hungry people.The food served are really delicious and my favourite has to be the roasted chicken.Ngeh :D Some off my relatives gone wild at time interval.Probably because of the hot weather.
EVEN THE EDLDERLY! LOL! I took the opportunity to stalk my hot cousie look around and wonder like nobody's bussiness :D

Soon going to be grandpa.

Meet the *cough* hot/cute cousin of mine :DDDDDD Firdaus :) Why everyone has to be taller than me? -___- He's only 16 and just think he's cute *show tongue* :P Heh.Was shivering as I took this picture.Bleeeh :/ IDK why.But we looked good right? *grins* He broke his arm recently.Speedy recover eh? :D We're not that close but our parents are.and we only see each other once a year.Funny right? I have his FB or whatever since he's very quiet whenever we met.Nvm lah.I dont really mind :)

cute right? :D
and Le King,shut up :P

*bigbiggrins* :D

love this shot x)

Pah Bedah.Mummy.Tok Uncle.Tok Co.Pah Chik.
Fabulous yo! :D

My closest cousin.
Kak Nini :)
Pretty hor? :D

This guy right here is my new uncle.
I called him Ayah Mat :D
Got married with my aunt last October,i think.
He's going to be a dad soon.
Weeh! :)

not short,just cute ^^

Self shot.
Turned out really good :D

This is my babified brother.
Practically annoying 24/7.
Heh.that's what brother's do kan?

The cousins.


Got confused with their names.

Kak Sofea.Kak Nini.Retard.Mummy.Mama.Lady.
Group photo.

The ladies.
Reminiscing the old memories :)
Gorgeous as always :D


She stand out today.
Bila nak kahwin? :P

To Abang Di and Kak Johany,
Selamat Pengantin Baru!
Hope you'll have a long life together,
happy always :)
buat lah baby banyak-banyak,okay?
Ngehehehe :P

*fly away*


I never had a dream come true,
till the day that I found you :)

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