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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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ready for my close up
Thursday, October 22, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Back before when I started wearing braces,my jaw alignment were in a very bad condition.It also contributed to my lack of confidence sometimes.I became the jokes for some people who thinks they are good looking enough to condemn other people.Thank god that I finally get the chance to fix my teeth after years waiting :) kinda miss the time of me not wearing braces

Before i started wearing braces.
Ikmal took this picture during tuition.
Heh ;)
Thank you!

After 5 months of wearing braces,this is the result :

so much difference,right?

Before I continue babling,
here's the pictures during Tena's Deepavali party.

Thank you,Zee Yeng!

The prettyeh photographer :)


Amazingly enjoyable bed.
to camwhore.
Hee :D

Us again ;)
p/s : please ignore yours truly face.Thank you.

We're pretty alright.
Jealous can? :P

SPM is drawing closer.Yeah.27 more days.or lesser? I lost count SPMers are getting busier with studying as I type this:)Yours truly has been devoting her time revising the bitchy subjects.Ngeh ): Somehow she does feel a little tense.I'm not saying that I did not study at all,I do.but in my own way.God knows how hard it was doing something that you never paid real attention to am still grateful that my friends are there to help me :) Texting Tirzah everyday.We're getting closer by days.I LOVE YOU! :DDD

Chatting with Ryan on MSN yesterday was a complete LOL.His method of explaining things were really benificial.Tengkiu! (and NO tuition fees for you.sorry :P) Adrian,Soon Chia and I might be taking Mass Comm next year.Heee :D I bet it will be fun with them around.haha! The hunt for t-shirt succeeded! *screams* :D am turning different this Saturday.Just wait and see.Heh.Ariff is so adorable :P so is Zul :)

My time in high school is coming to an end.Definately going to miss everyone.To those who I got to know during the years in high school,lt me tell you that I am blessed to have all of you as a friend.To the besties,Ayuni and Syaika,thank you for always cheering me up :) and accepting who i am from the very beginning :)

Need updates from the galprens soon.

Missing the kawan lelaki(s) a lot nowdays.
Daniel.Aaron.Yun Ming.Toh.
everyone lah.

p/s : GOOD LUCK for all the one who are having exams now.YOU CAN DO IT!! :D
pp/s: My nuffnang amount is increasing! Weeh! :)

Off for now.
Chemistry's waiting to be serenade.
rofl :P


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