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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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so sweet,i can hardly speak
Friday, October 2, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Another week just pretty sick of it D: Everyday I'll be having exams.Pfft.School getting boring.All I enjoy was the chatting with the classmates.LOL.Life been pretty lame nowdays.Same old routine everyday.Blehhh :P Had Chemistry tuition today.Sat next to Ikmal.Glad he's back being the old Ikmal :) I sense something fishy between him (not ikmal) and her.wtcowww.and Heh.Something really funny happened during the class.

Mr.Mani: *passing out forecast paper* *give one to Ikmal*
Me : *looking at him* Cher',where's mine?
Mr Mani : *looking at me* you nak buat ke?
Me: -____- get what does it mean? Mr Mani just kenakan already start laughing like nobody's bussiness.evil betul -__-.You know what? I'm no longer a sleepig bauty in tuition or in school.Although I'm really tired,i wont fall asleep.As result,my body will ached like hell.OMG DDD: Someone still tend to piss me off with her attitude.go and get a life now,seriously. Haih.I miss everyone.Everyone's so busy lately.SPM wert.Called Dutchboy yesterday to wish him an early birthday.Aww.I miss him ): Didnt text Daniel also ): I am super addicted to Taylor Swift's You Belong With Me.WOW! *drool over Lucas Till*


When can I be like this again?

the Kpop lover/sister :)

yours truly :D

Chatting with the friends is so much fun.
and I love Amanda xD

I realized something today.My pure science subjects foundation are bad.VERY BAD.I cant even answer the basic questions.OMG.Someone save me please!! D: I am extremely dissappointing of my trials' results.and I promised myself to study hard.No more time to lose.One more freaking month to go. *pump up* :D There so many things I want to do after SPM.wait for me ay? :D

I love Wild Bunny
and I miss them already )':

7-1 = 0


Missing everyone.
Where did you go?