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Monday, October 5, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Had my open house cum my sister's birthday party (sort of) :) It was indeed a great time and I had so much fun.15 of my schoolmates came and we truly enjoyed ourselves :)

Ayuni,Lina,Neelia,Syaika,Cherrie,Mae Vin,Jo Yee,Izzati,Syafiqah,Izzatul,Shu Ee,Zee Yeng,Syuhada,Vee Thin,Wei Qing,Janelle,Emiliya,Ashiela,
thank you so much for coming! :D

Ashbir couldnt make it because she was not feeling well.
Get well soon ya? :)

A lot of funny things happened during the day and it was HILARIOUS! :DD Janelle,Shu Ee,Zee Yeng and I went crazy overR Bryan of BLG.They got to take picture with him -___- so jealous ): *stabbedmyself* HE'S SUPER DUPER HOT!! :D Many of them gave us chocolate as birthday present :) Thank you so much! :D Cherrie was so hyped up riding on my motorbike for the first time.rofl.he went 'weehh' 'wooh' 'ahhh' on the bike.lmao xD Was so busy early in the morning.Thank god my aunt was there to help us out :) The open house turn out good with the presence of crazy people and make noise throughout our time.haha!

I'm lazy to edit it,
so here are some of it :)

Credits : JO YEE!

the girl is finally 16! :D

this is me making a cameo *cough* in the picture.
turn out VERY ugly D:

yours truly :)

Jo Yee caught Shu Ee drinking the fruit punch.
Janelle and Z-Yeng cant resist of being in the picture

Shu Ee and Terence looked super adorable!!
awww :D

Atika.Cherrie.Mae Vin.Lina.

Atika.Cherrie.Lina.Mae Vin.Ayuni.

first photo take tak jadi.
end up Syaika's hand go 'whoosh!' :D



Group photo #1
so called formal.
lol :P

We looked like a big happy family! :DDD

The hot photographer and the vain add maths geek.

Around 1.30 pm,we headed to Ayuni's house which is in Batu Belah :) Go crazy over Big Bang's Big Show :D The DVD was superb! and Taeyang looked so ...*droooooools* :P managed to take a couple of pictures :)

two escaped noob from the weird land.
we rocks though.still.

Laughing our arse off seeing BB in action!

Headed to Emiliya's house after that.Had a great laughter spazzing about Botak and the gang :P It's the in thing.Went gaga over Dirty Eyed Boys in Syaika's handphone and rocking out loud with I Wanna with Cherrie.Heh.Ate tons of food at Emi's house.I love kebab the most! :DDDD Made new friends with the Syahbandarians.rofl x) Nabil and Azam if I'm not mistaken :) Haha.funny guys.The ACSians were there too.I saw Zul and Ridzwan.Zul tu comel lah :) Adorable sangat,macam Hazim,the sidekick :D imy ): Hazim,you so owed me an explanation after PMR.GOSSIPING! xD So look alike back home around 6.30 pm,entertaning the guys while Emiliya and Ashiela cooking :)

Was completely worn out when I got back home D:What worse,I'll be having Maths 2 and Add Maths 2 tomorrow and I didnt even touch the books.Screw it DDDD: Wne to back early as I texted the pretty boy and Dutchboy :D pretty boy is still pretty and he loves chocolate moist cake! Ngeeeh :D I went hyperventilated seeing Alastair's picture.OMG.comel ^^ Alastair is just 8 years old fyi :) I want to be his girlfriend if he were to be single.roflmao xD

Currently obssesed with Mariah Carey's Obssesed.
What's wrong with me? -_____-

The obsence video of I Wanna here.
Hee :D

Off for now.

and I'm falling for you everytime I breathe :)

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