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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Before I'm gone.
Sunday, November 8, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 1 comment/s

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Tifanny: Eh,go study lah.still blogging like mad huh? :P
Atika : Wait lah.I will.this will be the last.Ahah x)

So yesh,Miss Tiffany Lee Kah Fong a.k.a my Kpop auntie,Atika is going to go on hiatus.Like seriously this time *show serious face* I'll abandon my babies (blog,FB,MSN) for a month.Yeah you heard me.Crap.going on hiatus sucks.but it is for my good,right? I even ask my sister to keep me away from the computer.Heeeee :D The blogger wont be around until SPM is be precise,on the 8th of DECEMBER.One more month to go.I wont even go near the computer.Seriously.You'll found me dead somehow reading Chemistry or cracking my head solving Add Maths.Ahah x)

So yeah,the highlight of today was the outing to the Project Love Carnival organized by Glad Tidings Assembly :) Was there the whole day with Yoke Pei,James,Matthew and Su Vien.It has been a while since we last meet up.So yeah,we enjoyed our time there.Too bad,Dan and Win Li couldnt make it D: We'll see each other soon kayy? :D The whole event was a complete success.Good job goes to the committee as they put their hardest effort to do it.There were food,drinks and games.

I actually played the fish pond thingy and caught 5 fish! i good or what? :P James is bragging about his fish since he caught 5 fishes at once! off =.= Lol.Su Vien and Matthew was so funny and lame :P Had so much fun talking to them.Btw,Matthew is a La Sallian.Heeeeeeeeee :D James toured me around and yesh,we took pictures.

Thank you,Yoke Pei :)

Atika.Yoke Pei.Matthew.

'WOW! stairs pose!' -James.

Matthew.Yoke Pei.

tsk.blur picture D:
Sorry ):

Me and James.

he's showing off his height.
OMG.Im so small T.T

James.Yoke Pei.
so cuteeeeeeeeee right? :P

Su Vien.Yoke Pei.

Su Vien's so pretty!!!



Atika.Yoke Pei.

After the event,I went to Centro's Starbucks with Yoke Pei.We had our chit chat cum studying for 3 hours.and we didnt even realized it!Yoke Pei then again treat me with Starbucks Coffee.Eiiiiii THANK YOU,YOKE PEI!!! :D I went back home around 5 pm.and had my short nap before I decided to call has been a while,so yeah.i kinda miss that fella :) One hour on the phone : DONE :D La Sallians is having their prefect farewell tonight.Got BBQ.Eh,Sebastian,tell me what happened lah! :P and mummy wants pictures from you kayy? :D

p/s : Be strong,Amanda.I know you are :)
pp/s: Onew got swine flu!!! *gasp*
ppp/s : Thank you Yoke Pei and Ariff for the encouragement :)

Pronoucing hiatus.

Please stabbed me if you found me going online.
Thank you.


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