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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Everything matters now.
Thursday, November 26, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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So yeah.I bet you people heard the news.

ADD MATHS was PURE HELL for me.and most of us,I think.

I gave up doing it.came out very early during Paper 2.Bye bye Add Maths! *waves* Hakim quoted that doing Add Maths is like breaking up with an abusive boyfriend.HAHAHAHAHA! True,I must say.Well,Add Maths is history now.No more Add Maths for me!!!!! xD not until college at least.Heh.The Add Maths teacher came to give us moral support.Thank you,teacher.I hope her hardwork really paid off by the time we got our result :) HOPEFULLY I'LL PASS MY ADD MATHS *finger crossed* XD Paper 1 was okay.Paper 2 was the killer.SHIT man.

The Add Maths teacher.
Pn.Hajah Badariah Ariffin.

Sorry,cikgu :,(

The last 3 papers will be Biology,Chemistry,and Physics.I'll be free on Dec 8th.Wooh! ;) These 3 are the subjects I dont seems to understand at right? HAHA.but no worries.I have been studying hard for the 3 subjects :) I want to score.Biology is all about adaptation and bla bla bla..Chemistry is about mixing stuff and formulae and Physics are all applications.Hah x) To the subjects' teachers
,I'll do well.I promised :D

The awehsome Biology teacher.
Ms. Teh Lay Hong.

The adorable Chemistry teacher.
Pn.Chong Puy Teng.

The gorgeous Physics teacher.
Ms.Tan Seaw Chin.

Ms.Tan is also the Prefectorial Board teacher advisor.
She's tall.

Went to Arisha's house in the afternoon.and her mom cook for us lunch.Thank you,auntie :) Was suppose to revise Add Maths,but heh,end up slacking watching Star Movies XD Death At The Funeral was the bomb! 5 star recomended to be watch :DDDDD Then continued the movie marathon,watching Histeria.overreacting movie.Wayyy too many unreal blood spill =.=

Texted Ikmal at night.I really miss that dude.Sad that he's leaving soon :( Must hang out soon,wokeh? :D There are way too many plans after SPM.Eek D: Need $$$$! :D Owh.and HI,DANIEL NG YEE LEE!! *waves* it has been a while.haha.SO random :P All my sons are growing up already.Awww *teary eyes* :P

Friends that I'll always miss.

Babysitting now.


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