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Not so much of holiday
Sunday, November 29, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 1 comment/s

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Physics tuition.

Chong Ad Win.

Been trying my luck in photo editing.nice? ROFL.It looked weird somehow.Bleeeeh.Anyhoo,the staying in my aunt's house was awesome.I get to sleep and chit chat with my cousins first of all :) and I got to eat A LOT of things.Ngehehe xD Went online as usual after studying Biology.Biology actually bore me to death ): but ill keep on reading it until I understand.

Someone broke into my house and stole the bloody MP3.WHAT.THE?! Pfft.So cheapskate ah you? =.= what was even MORE funnier that that thief only took the MP3 and not the charger and the earphone ( I was charging my MP3 when it got stolen FYI) like WHAT?! ish.weird people.

I went to Amanda's house in the evening.OMG.I miss her so much.It has been a while since we last met :D Now I'm all better.Best of all,Amanda gave me Sam's home made ginger bread cookies.ZOMG! IT WAS DELICIOUS! :DDDD Thank you,wifey

Texted with Ah Ning almost everyday and he practically had me laughing so hard until my stomach ache yesterday.

Eh,Menning.I miss my friend leh *sobs*

yaya.I miss them gonna be over soon ): Hope we can stay at this age forever ;D

LOL.i feel like crying didnt cry ah? Can become vampire lah.Edward~

Haha.when the last time I cry~ :P Watching tv loh. (he didnt replied the vampire msg)

OMG! you cried watching TV?? HAHAHA! funny lah you.

Cry?! where got cry?? I'm a cold blooded human.Aaaaa~ x)

and THAT proves that Goh Menning is a vampire wannabe.LOL.

Should get back studying but I seems to hate reading it now.HAHA.touchwood. :P I cant wait for SPM to ends.Well,the plans after SPM (like Tirzah said) are piling up.and im saving money for all that :) Jesseca is leaving for Philiphine soon.TOO SOON.and I'm so going to miss her ))): Turn out to be she's taking the same course as me.Mass,yay! :D We're going to be famous right? Heh. :P My family going to be back tomorrow.double yay! :DD To be honest,I do miss them a lot.especially my retarded/Kpop addict sister.

Wanna know who is she?

Wait ah.


the awesome sisters.
Heh :D

No,we dont look alike =.=

Arif,the bugger is currently in Penang now.
He went shopping.FUN SHOPPING.
That evil dude making me jealous the whole night.
LOL.I still hate you,Arif :P

Oh no! you hate me! Nooo! Now i have to find someone of greater or equal awesomeness to bug! -Arif

The aim to get straight A's are merely possible for me now.Lookind my performance doing Maths and Add get what I mean. *smack head* D: It's okay.hopefully I can get at least 5 A+ would do.and all that is for all the language papers.KERTAS BAHASA ARE AWESOME! (turning sooo random and rojak) xD BM,English,EST,Agama and Sejarah :)

p/s : Danny,I miss you a lot wei. ):
pp/s : I wonder where will Ryan be serving his NS? Hmm.
ppp/s : Guys with MEP,stay away from me and my darlings if you dont want to die young.
pppp/s : Aussie,here I come!
ppppp/s : Need $$$.


Back studying.


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