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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Oh well.
Friday, November 27, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Today my whole family went back to Perak except for me.So yeah,I'll be alone till Sunday.Happy? Kinda.I just want some peace reading my Biology :) Mum reloaded me few bucks yesterday.So,yay! :D Nothing much happened.I texted my friends as usual :) Need to feel contented somehow since I'm no longer to go online that long like I used to.LOL.Tirzah and I went random chatting about everything.rofl.With Daniel,words of encouragement of course.Heee :D Texted all my friends who had been burying their head into books.LOL.*waves happily* HELLO,EVERYONE!! :D Owh.the spazzing moments with Dutchboy has been delayed for quite sometimes.Busy guy ):

Looking at the calender made me realized that 2009 is already coming to an end.This year had to be the best year for me.There are more yet to come.and I'm looking forward to it.Also,FYI,I'll be staying at my aunt's house at night.So yeah,you wont be seeing me going online at night.Heee :D So girlfriend birthday is this Monday.which falls on Biology papers.*pouts* Nevermind.i shall buy you something,okay? :DDDD Alex was so hyper when I texted him =.= HAHA! :P so is Nalini.They are the awesome Acmarians ;) Texted Adrian before I went to bed.Weeh! :D Had random with Ah Ning in between.Hehehehe :P

On a short note,sorry for the vulgarities in my previous posts ): I dont swear people.It just comes naturally at this time.Do forgive me,alright? :D I dont want to make instant enemies.You readers should know me well by now.Heh.

Su Vien is not feeling well.She's hurt.fell,to be exact.Will visit her tomorrow.

Oh my.speedy recovery okay?

And WHERE.ON.EARTH is my sis's MP3?!?!?!

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