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She pours a daydream in a cup of hope
Friday, November 6, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I'll definitely miss your sarcasm ;)

SPM (yeah,I'm chanting it) Very nervous thinking about it.Eeeeeeeeeeeek.*bite finger nails* D: D: D: D: Ahah.shall not mentioned anything about it.Wouldnt want to spoiled my weekend mood.LOL.So yeah,yours truly has never miss school the whole week.and yesh,she's proud of it.Why?because she got to spend time with her buddies. :) HAHA.The reason I came to school was merely because I wanted to slack around with my friends/listening to my sis's MP3 that I seludup secara haram *evil grins* :D :D :D (p/s: my sis dont know about this) :P I should be studying now but bleeeeeeh,I'm really not in the mood.Why? because I just wanted to go online to slack around.and chatted on MSN with my friends.TEE HEE :P many why in a paragraphy.LMAO xD

Lately I'm aware that there are wayyyyyy too many people that read my blog.and that includes my relatives *gasp* I dont mind actually.but there's this one day,someone I totally dont know,came to me when I was wondering around the school compound alone and ask me ;

Stranger : Excuse me,you're Atika right?
Me: *gasp in silence* Ermm..yesh? why?
Stranger : I read your blog.Very nice *smile* *walks off*
Me: ????

Scary? Perhaps.

A ya.for this particular post,I decided not to rant about anything because I dont feel like it.Heh :P Okay Okay.The chatting on MSN turn out well,I supposed.Yours truly was busy going through web pages to find the University for next year,and she decided to kacau her friends on MSN.First it was Chua Yumin and that fella didnt reply =.= told me later he got tuition.Then went online YM and chatted with ze sidekick :) Fun but suddenly I got D/Ced.Bloody mother ass punya connection.Graggghhhhh D: Then,I chatted with Zhe Mein and John. :D Around 10 pm,Chua came back.Ask Ah Ning to go online since he want to play with Chua online badly.Heeee :P Decided to play Tick Tack Toe with Ah Ning and I won! *banana dance* HAHAHAHA! xD Chua and Ah Ning go HIGHed later.LOL.

Menning: Chua went pak tho with someone leh.
Yumin: I'm here lah.Seeing Menning pak tho someone.
Atika: who? who? who? *looked around* :P
Menning : He mean, =P
Atika : two..GAY ar? =.=

*pak tho = dating.

The unmarried husband ditched me to YM with his 2nd wife =.= oi.I told you to divorce her right? :P Dares to ask to feed him later I did lah.See,imma a good should be thankful kayy? Ahah x) Chatting with Ariff are the same.So fun! :D :D :D :D One of my son told me something that I totally forgot.A ya.La Salle's Prefect's farewell is tomorrow. *grins* :D I got excited when it comes to La Salle,I dont know why. *roll eyes* Sorry eh :D Going to meet up with Yoke Pei tomorrow.Ahah :) I miss that woman a lot ;) Mummy's away at the moment.Weeh! :) She's getting better,no worries :) To those who are really concerned about her,thank you very much :)

FYI,last Wednesday,I went lepaking at Sanjeeva's house.his mummy is so random talking and discussing about Physics and BM. *laughs* :D Thiba,my class monitor are so random got influenced by me kot :P Babi kau,Thiba.buka sekolah nanti,habis kau *evil laughs* xD

Ahh.high school years.
It's ending.
Bitter sweet memories :)


We'll go out after SPM wokay? :)


Hiatus phailed.

I shall stop here.

p/s : Eiiii.Alastair Minjoot is so adorableeee! *grins* :P

Iyou to bits! :D

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