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She removes it from the air
Tuesday, November 3, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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High school life.
What does that means to you?
For me,it is just not about studies.It's more than that :)
High school life brings a lot of joy and happiness to me.

Still remember the first time I stepped into BK back when I was in Form One.I heard a lot of unpleasant comment about this school before.So yeah,I got nervous.My first day at BK wasn't that bad actually.Was in 1 Budi with Syakila,Shri and Thiba.Horny class teacher always picked on me during History class.Heeee :P I was sitting next to Lala at that time.Everyone looked super adorable and innocent.HAHA! good times ;)

Time flies and there was I,sitting next to Syakila (if I'm not mistaken) in 2 Budi during Form Two.Comes prefect duties and scolding from the teachers for being MIA all the time.Eek.Sorry teacher ): Had great bonding moments with everyone in the class.Had fun sleeping in the class during Science.EVERY SINGLE'll be asleep when the Science teacher is teaching and by the time the class ended,I'll wake up immidiately and said 'Teacher! times up!' Rofl.Epic moments.Got to know new friends as well :D

Form Three was tough because I have to juggle my times between prefects and studies.Wooh! School session is in the morning,so,something new for me.3 Budi is still the noisest class amongst all the classes.HAHA! :D Went to my first prefects' gathering in La Salle.( lol.La Salle again) xD Enjoyed being all retarded all the time altho it was the day before PMR.Screwed up my trials.Big time.Sat for PMR.Was really scared getting the results.Alhamdullilah.I did well.

2008.Everyone sepreated.Some goes to SBP,Some stays.Pure Science and Art stream.For me,I choose Science stream although I hate number and calculation more than Shasta :P New classmates.Sat next to Syaika :) Got to know more about Kpop from her.Students from 3C and 3A came into our class and be a part of 4 Sc 2.The Biology teacher was the form teacher.Funny incidents kept on happening throughout the year.Got to know other prefects from other school through gathering :) *DannyTohChuaAaronandsomanymore* xD Was busy the whole year.Teachers labelled me as the 'school patrol' LMAO xD

The last year.2009.Form Five.SPM year.and speaking of it,it is less than 15 days now.Being in 5 Sc 2 is pressuring if you ask me.I'm pushing myself to the limits and promised myself to score.The friends are still close to me.I'm starting to miss the bitching and SS moments that we had all the time.Camwhoring while the Add Maths teacher is about boys.Stalking other school's magazine.We fought,but at the end of the day,we stick like stong duct tape :) The tuitiomates and all the prefects that I got to know,I you all.The La Sallians *grins* :P that adored me so much.HAHA! Thank you eh? I sure miss the time that we had together ;) So famous amongst the La Sallians for the right and wrong reasons.Dont ask -.- Cant believe I'd already graduated.I dont want to,to be honest.

The ever happening classmates ;)

I made new friends.
The great listener.

we are so camwhore-matic :D

It has been 11 years of friendship,Syakila.

We go crazy together.

Great friends.

From all walks of life.

Colours doesnt matter.

Because we're 1 Malaysia! :D

I'm a proud graduated BKian.

BK Boleh!
Proud to be one.

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