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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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something subjective for me.
Monday, November 16, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Class teacher of 5SC2 2009,
Pn Chong Puy Theng :D

you can stabbed me now.

I'm a sucker for blogger.
Sue me.

*cho-cho train sound effect*


Did you people heard the news? yeap.SPM is here!!in 3 DAYS times FTW. *turn on Michael Jackson's Thriller* LOL.the blogger is ready! Oh wait.IS SHE?! *pinched myself* xD I am quite ready alright.Eiiiiiiiiii :D I spent lesser time on the computer nowdays.Am i good or what? :P I miss blogging so much that I decided to blog before ASS-PEE-EMM ;) Well,the reality is I'm living in virtual life everyday : quoted by Jas Min :) I bet you people saw me on Facebook ay? Heh :D Everyday life has been quite normal to me,since there is no adventerous thing to do at school anymore.I'm banned for it :P

Camwhored with Kikiegh's baby at school.haha! I'm buying one soon! :DDDDD Had our majlis mohon restu on Friday.yours truly cried D: she thought the never ending memories of school life that she's going to miss a lot after this.Bladihahahi xD i dont want to be emo here lah.Okeh okeh.back to the happy things,wokay? :D Well,we also had our farewell party during recess on Friday.The darling class teacher bought us 2 KG of Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence.MUAHAHAHAHA! My FAVOURITE! i've gone sugary highed after that =.= pictures will be uploaded after SPM lah.haha.I dont owned a camera,FYI :)

I bet you miss my crapping about the friends right? :D Well,here some updates.I've been babysitting Lee Hsiang's cats for 3 days now :) They are very adorable indeed :D I never thought he's a cat person.HAHA FTW.just read between the lines,okay? :PPPP Been chatting with Arif and the darling Dutchboy :) so fun can? here's the convo :D

yours truly with the tepek victim xD

Mangkuk kau,Lee Hsiang.
I NEVER hide my fats,okay?
*weird stares*

The darling Dutchboy that never failed to brighten up my days :D
go Aaron! :)

This convo was wayyyyy back.
Few months already,i think.

Just feel like posting this up.
Heh :D

2PM is back with their new album,1:59 PM.Their new song,Heartbeat is mother effin' HOT.Wooyoung.Haba~haba~ :P watch it on here for better view.There were no additional members.Jay is not coming back also ): At least,they did remember Jay somehow :D 2PM IS HOT!! *drools* LOL.

'I'm over the moon!!'.Sounds familiar to you? Well,this phrase is often said by those who are feeling very happy over any matters.Happiness is something very subjective to me.To some,it is defined as something that had happened or maybe what you have done which enables you to smile and laugh all day long.Happiness exists in all range of age.If something that you wish has come true,automatically you will have a good mood a feel happy about it :)

Right now,
Im over the moon about something.

Figure it out yourself x)

Goodluck to all Form 5 students.
Form 6 as well.
May all of us do well and get out from the examination hall alive.
Heh :D

Long enough?
I think so.

Till then,folks.
buh-bye! :D

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