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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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What A Relief.
Friday, November 20, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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The first week of SPM just ended.well,it's tomorrow to be exact.Why am I blogging now then? (asking myself) LOL.Tomorrow's paper are EST paper 1 and 2.Not to be boastful,but I think I can score it somehow.Eheh :P BM papers were okay i guess :) So is Sejarah.The husband are not happy bout it tho ): Thank you Danny for the tips :D English were okay week papers are not that tough compared to the upcoming weeks.You shall see me again,drowning in the sea of papers of exercises and formulae *grins* :D

A lot of my friends decided to burn their Sejarah books today.What?! *laughed* I dont have any issue regarding this but dei,you're polluting the enviroment.give it to me,I shall sell it and earn some money.Heh xD Anyhoo,as you can see,I already make some adjustment to my can see the different header ( 2PM!) and also my blog link.I already deleted some of the links which its blog has been deleted.Bleeeeh D: Do you think it's more neat this way? Do comment,wokeh? :D

On a short note,I'm taking Photography course next year :D Wanting to try my luck in photography because it is a really interesting field to do.Many of my friends already own a DSLR.I talked to my mum about it,and she allow me to buy one! (cue : laugh like mad cow) During my graduation day,I decided to explore Syakila's D40 and snapped a few shot of random pictures.

One of my best shot.
Nice? ^^

The lights make love shapes.

So yeah,been trying to get my hand on anyone's camera.You can say that I'm a camwhore like to take random pictures and use different effects for it.Pretty cool if you ask me :) You can check out my friends' photstream for more pictures.You can hire them if you want too.I can assure you good qualities of photos.Heh :P I'll let you people see their chioness works.ROFL.

Ng Jas Min punya kerja.
St.Petersburg :)

Elaine Lee's fisheye shot of her Hanbook.
Cool! :D

Detailed droplets taken by Soon Chia.

For more pictures,please view their blog.
Thank you.

There are 18 days left before I,Nurul Dizamira Atika Bt. Mohd Sikun are officially graduated from high'm excited somehow.Going outing the whole on Dec 9th.Woots! :D I shall blog more next time with even more joyful tone as I am free from SPM.Heh.Currently addicted to U-Kiss's Man Ha Ni. *melts* and also G Dragon's Breathe.Catchy lah! :D

A bloody guy just pissed me off.Pfft.I am not swearing that guy,but please,dont tick me'll never know what am I capable of.Keep your cocky attitude somewhere else,okeh? :D Bleeeeeh.I've been sitting here for quite sometimes.Will go off very and Ah Ning demands attention from me now.

P/S : I knw you will *hugs* :)
PP/S : I still think he's cute.whatever lahhhh.
PP/S : I'm madly in love with thigh high boots. *melts* :DDD
PPP/S : Atan,drive me around soon,kay? xD

We'll meet again

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