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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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when you think about it,
Sunday, November 22, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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why do people always assumed that when you always talk about that certain someone in your blog meaning that you're in love with that person? Does this mean if i talk about my mum next time,you'll assume that I'm in love with her and I'll force my dad to divorce her so that I can marry my own mother and have kids with her?


For me,it's not wrong to talk about anyone or anything in my blog.Like,HELLO! IT'S MY BLOG!! :D Some of them dont like me calling my guy friends darling or sayang and bla bla bla.Well,what do you know? I DONT CARE. My friend told me that you lifeless people are jealous about it? HAHA! Are you? do you expect me to call you the same? TOO BAD,I DONT TALK TO LIFELESS PEOPLE :)

Gosh,I sound so cocky.

Please ignore.

You said I'm a bitch because I got more guy friends then the girls? that the fact that I go around the guys talking to them when I only got to meet them once in while? FYI,I went to ALL GIRL SCHOOL.So the issue shall not be brought up here.and how sure are you that I only approach the guys? you have gender detector cips implanted in my head iszit? *screamed in horror* RIGHT.

You got a problem with me? Have the guts and confront me.Dont go gossiping behind me,telling all sorts of lies.I am what I am.You dont like me being me? Lifeless road is just around the corner,sir *bows* :D

Some of my friends' friends that doesnt even know me actually talk about me.Wooh!what if you were in my shoes? Feel cool eh? what do i think? TOTALLY COOL? *buzzer* WRONGGGGG!!! It's no fun,trust me.If you dont even know what's the content of their conversation.Eek D: Why do I say some people are lifeless? Just because they cant stop talking unreasonable things about other people.

I seriously pity you people.You are so desperate to get attention that you're willing to talk about that person because you think,just maybe the other people have same mindset as you? Ah,mindset.It can be poisonous,you know.The best resort is to talk to that person person if you have something uneasy about him/her.This way,you can tell your opinion straight in the face.Not really straight in the face,i mean.Tell nicely lah kan? :D They are humans too.

Another thing,dont you people dares to talk bad about my friends.They are very dear to me.Try talking bad about them in front of me and you shall taste my fist.Heh :D Yes,im being protective.So? you got a problem with that too? *smack head* AIYOH.still in sarcastic mode.You think you can go around telling people bad things about my friends and get away with it? I dont think so.I GOT MY EYES ON YOU PEOPLE.Even if it's the truth,no one gives you the right to do so.

I dont give a damn about your mindset.I'll do what's right for me.If you want to correct it,do tell me personally.I might take it into consideration.and for the last time,stop setting me up with my guy friends.I havent found the guy yet.But if I do,i'll only tell certain someone.NOT YOU.The past shall remained to be the past.You dont need to so-call spark the old flames.I never had anything with him.I dont think he would want anyway.True,I got rejected,many times.i do hope somehow he would change his mind for once.well,im actually done hoping for now.Love will find its own way to get to me.

Life is still a long journey.Make worth of it and not turning it upside down.

I'm letting this out because my patience has reach its limits.I dont want this thinking to poison my brain and cause me to crack my head answering my SPM papers.FOR REAL.Imagine seeing a girl answering SPM papers,with her skull half opened and you saw no brain inside it,scary right? HAHA! I'll be that girl soon.

Enough said :)

Till then,readers.