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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Will be free from the war soon.

Usually,when my mum got our house telephone or electrics bills,she will definately starts screaming at me.Why? because usually,I'll be the one who make the most calls using my house phone.Heh.cant help it.I love my handphone credit so much *grins* :D Yeah.i'm stingy.I'll also be the longest one sitting in front of the computer .Ngehehe.Computer freak much? xD So,today,when she got the telephone bills and electrics bill,SURPRISINGLY,she said nothing.not even a stare.Whoa.scary much.I wondered the whole night when dad finally told me that he told my mom not to worty about me because I'll be working soon.Heh.get it? Next time,I'll be paying the bills.LMAO.

There's only 2 days left for my SPM papers.meaning,two more papers left.Cool huh? Biology was okay :) I answered all the essays part since I have plenty of time.Hopefully I can score this time *finger crossed* Amy,Win Li,Kalaivani and I had a great time chit chatting during lunch break.Ngeh.Do you want to know something? actually there's one of the invigilators for my school that look exactly like Naqib *laughed* I couldnt get my eyes off him everytime he passed by my table.Hehe.he got cute ass.LOL! Pervert much.Pardon me. xD

On a short note,I'm in terrible financial condition now.So broke.I got only RM20 with me.How am I supposed to go out later? Bleh.want to borrow my dad RM50.Weeh! :DDDD I'll pay back lah.For sure :) *smiles like a good girl* :D Physics is next.and I'll work hard for it.Heh.After SPM i've been thinking to work at JJ.My cousin's girlfriend who is working at Kenny Rodger's Bukit Raja JJ is offering me a job there.Anybody want to join? Heeee :D

The awesome sidekick has gone missing for quite sometimes.I'm going to fly and find him ASAP.TEE HEE :P *turn into supergirl* xD I'm currently chatting with Yoke Pei now.Long time no chat,we talked about so many things.haha.Yoke Pei,I miss you a lot wei! D: and i miss Su Vien too ): Yoke Pei told me that Su Vien is doing great.YAY! How glad I am she's okay now.Ngeh.Talking about them reminds me of Sammy.Gonna catch up with her soon.Also,Yoke Ping and Carolyn :DDDD Hopefully we'll be clique again.LOL.

My cat,Pauline already gave birth to a little kitten again for the second time.My mum is afraid of little kitty since she claimed that she got goosebumps listening to its I had to move Pauline and her new born offspring somewhere else.Hihi.Anyone wants a pet? Cause,I have 7 cats at the moment.Yeah,I know it's a lot.Sooner or later,I had to get rid of some.and I dont want too ): At least,if I gave them to any of my friends.I can come and pay them a visit.Just let me knw,okeh? :D

'll be having a garage sale soon.So,stay tuned! :D

Daniel Ng and Yong Yun Ming *ehem* :P

:) ♥ ♥ ♥

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