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#289 Take note.
Sunday, December 6, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 1 comment/s

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Whoa! Time really fast.It's already December and I must say,I'm somehow looking forward to 2010.I wanna do so many things that I didnt get to do.Reading Tirzah's blog makes me want to start a new wishlist/ resolution myself. :) This is not just the after SPM list-to-do,but it is also what I've always wanted to do.Time strain me from doing it,but not this time,i guess.Heh.Right now,I just have two things on my list :)

#1 I want to learn how to drive.
God knows how jealous I am seeing my friends driving their car around *stares* :P I want to learn how to drive ASAP so that I can drive my friends around and go out anytime I want.Heee :D (that still depends on my mom though) lol.I dont really bother the traffic jam or anything,i just want to feel how does it feel to actually drive a car.

#2 I want to get my book published.
Maybe most all of you knows that I wrote novels :) Yes,I yearns to be a novelist.and I'm taking my steps to achieve it.Time flies as we speak and im working hard to achieve my goal :) I wrote 7 novels so far.Still going strong :D Might be publishing Poor Rich Girl and Battle Of The Sexes. *grins* Thank you to Yoke Pei and Arif for the endless encouragement :D

The list will go on.

Thinking back,I wanted to start working quickly so that I will have more money for myself to be spend (and saved of course) :) With this,I dont have to burden my parents and asked them for $$$ whenever I go out.Hehe.But for now,I guess the plan will be on hold since I am still unemployed.Will try my luck at Bukit Raja JJ or AEON :D

College might be impossible for me since I dont really have good financial support.Might be going to UiTM Shah Alam.Still taking Mass Comm no matter what.Heee :D I also want to be a social activist.Going to join Adrian's charity work very soon.Cant wait for it. :)
Like I said, high school just finished. After 11 years of getting myself involved in so many things, I really need a rest. Alternately, slack. *popsconfetti* XD For now I'll just spend my days rotting at home.and LOL.

As Elaine Lee quoted,Now only we realise, leaving high school really isn't that fun after all. we have to choose the right path and there will be no turning back. Enter the wrong path and We're doomed for the rest of our life.We will have to learn to have strong mentality and only focus on what we wish to do. Weaknesses.Ngeh ):

I cant wait to meet up with the JBT gang.It has been a while :) Meeting up with the online friends also.Yen Yen ,Adrian and a lot more ^^ Some of my friends are going to NS :D First batch will be on January 4th.I'll be lying if I say I'm not going to miss them :P So,to Chua,Tiffany,Su Vien,Jas Min,Tirzah and the others who is going to serve NS,take good care of yourself there,okeh? :D

The retarded moment.

I'm SO going to miss you,Tirzah Yeo!

You better come back from NS with a hot body as you promised.
okeh? :D

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