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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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#294 Post-SPM.
Saturday, December 12, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I miss these girls right here.

SPM does hit me in the head since I am out of idea what to do.I am still jobless,FYI ): I wanna work soon.I cant slack no more.I need moneyyyy!! D: I'm not being materialistic,but you got my point right? I want hang out badly with everyone.NOT desperate.Outing cost money right? :D Anyways,I've been slacking too much I guess.I am so going to get myself a job tomorrow.

Well,i just came back from my brother's Summer Camp 2009 that was organised by my cousins actually.The activity seems to be fun.Was not involved in it since I was busy with my outing.Heh.Anyways,the retard that I love the most (a.k.a my borther) became one of the cast in his group sketch.IT WAS SIMPLY HILARIOUS! :D Well,you should see it by yourself to feel the fun :D Met my cousin and he said that his girl friend's work place are looking for people.So yeah,im so going there.Where you asked me? Kenny Rodgers! JJ bukt Raja branch :)

Currently chatting with Shireen.she was a complete LOL-ed.HAHA.My nut head Portuguese darling :D We went so random talking about everything.Okay,to be specific,we were talking about Dutchboy.Ahah! We love his crappy attitude.LOL.For the past few days,I've been enjoying my movie marathon.Watched Material Girls and Nanny McPhee.Woots! Awesome show :) Today morning,I watched The Covenant.Damn,those guys are total hottie.STEVE STRAITS wtf! xD

Clean up my place today.Will be selling my books to the people who wants it :) My friends are selling their books as well :D Tirzah and Elaine Lee.Oh and to those are looking for new phone,I got a great deal for you :) Do let me know if you're interested because who might not know him.LOL.On a short note,I'm missing a lot of people nowdays ): Dutchboy and the Interactors are having their Conference in Nilai.My current ex-schoolmates ): The word ex itself is rather hurtful to say.My prefect buddies.Danny boy! D: JBT gang.LOL.A lot I tell you.Hee.Especially my evil twin.I freakin' miss him D: I wonder how is he doing? Hmm.

The twin ; Christopher Leeraj

This girl here is leaving to Qatar soon ):
Yana,forget me not,okay?

The webcam session with Bell the other day was awesome :) and i miss Yen Yen.Hun,nudged me when you're ON,okay? :D I'm going to HICT Open Day tomorrow.So yeah,wont be around,I guess.Toh couldnt make it * frowns* :P My parents is not around at the moment.TEE HEE :P

Well,this post should wrapped up my weekend plan.
My first weekend as an ex-high school student *smile bitterly* :/
Till then,people.I'll update more.

I dont know which side am I on now.The both of them are my friends.I never like when the people I know got into fight and made a big deal about something.It happened to me all the time.and I HATE IT.I am not a hypocrite.Everyone has their own flaws.everyone make mistakes,but can you guys at least make up for it? D: I'm keeping myself out of this.Like how Tric's quoted,this is not our war.So yeah.Peace out,people.Xx

Right now,I just want my friends back.

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