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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Saturday, December 19, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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It's amazing when we dont even realized that we're already graduated because for us it seems merely impossible than it actually happens.Friends that come and go,endless memories in high school,all that are the past for me now.As much I waited for these moments to come,I began to notice how people around me changed.We grew older and choose our own path,but that doesnt mean you can just forget the people that colours your life for the past few years? I wondered.

Just yesterday,I 've decided to text all my friends,asking them how are they doing.I do miss them.A LOT.I will never get tired saying this,honestly.I miss them so much.I met a lot of friends,get to know them,fought and make up again.Gah.How I missed all that now.

As I sat here,memories still lingers in my head.I believe that we will never lost the one we love since we're all in the high tech society.LOL.Facebook,Blogs etc.All this made endless connection possible.Even papers connect,right? LOL.Well,I am currently excited finishing up my novel.Insya-Allah,it will be published very soon :D Going for Poor Rich Girl first.I am enhancing my vocab as I refers to all the novels I got.

But then,I guess I have to ask a help from any friend to print out my 6th novel,Battle Of The Sexes since my bloody printer is making a scene.It is not working again.Ugh.Irritated -.- I guess in the mean time,I'll have it rested as I write the story in a book or something :D I watched Oprah the other day and I cant help to let you people know about Christian The Lion.Amazing story.check out Youtube for more info :D

Amy Soo Choo Mae

My boss just called me.He said my work shift starts at 3 p.m on Monday :) I am excited.Cant you feel my excitement? :D :D :D :D My boss,Mr.Hanafi is a very nice guy.LOL.and and and..he is a very the fair.VERY i tell you.( getting the hang of saying VERY.LOL) Well,I shall tell you more about him soon,okeh? :D

Talking to Soon Chia on MSN now.We're discussing about the higher education stuff.Bleehhh.headache i tell.we're comparing college and courses :D Thank you Soon Chia for sharing the informations with me :D Yoke Pei and I cant wait for ze progress of the novel.Aha.awesomeness.I called up Ashbir after I miss that vain darling of mine )': We updated each other for sure.She just came back from Sarawak,attended her cousin's wedding.LOL.super cool :) We're definately going to meet up soon when I got my first salary.Eheh xD Shopping spreeeeeeeeee!! :D Might as well ajak Yoke Pei and Su Vien as well 8D

On Monday,I'm going to get an innoculation.Wohoo~ excited! :D I am currently excited for everything now.HAHA.I already shopped for all my work stuff.Full black attire :) Like Mr.Hanafi said,orang minyak :P Maybe I didnt tell you this,but after my 47689303729003 attempts of looking for nice blog skin,I finally found one.awesome! :D you like it? :D I loveeeeeee it :D

P/S : My sis is so lazy.she never want to clean her bed.Mehh.
PP/S: I'm going to miss my friends who is going to NS D:
PPP/S: I'm getting bored nowdays.Everyone is like so busy.

Calling Ryan Chua on S.O.S :)

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