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Branded? Yeah,right.
Friday, December 25, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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When I bought branded items,I expect it to be in good quality.Because they should be,right? I mean,my parents burn a whole in their pocket to buy this printer of a brand.

Since my current printer is on riot and refused to print out our documents,I told my mom that I want a new one.My mom agreed and we went and purchased a new printer of the same brand.We didnt really use the printer and we keep it in good condition so that the same thing that happened to the previous printer repeats.So yeah.

I am in need of printer at the moment because my sister and I has a lot of documents to be printed out.SERIOUSLY.

After a month,one day,I turn on the computer to print out my manuscript.Suddenly,the printer stop as it prints because it ran out of ink.Couldnt agree more.I put in the new ink and then next thing I knew,the bloody printer is not working!

BABIted printer.

This is what you called a branded items? I use it for a month and now it's completely useless! plain shit i tell you.Now,the printer is completely an eyesore next to my desktop.

Next time,I'm going to buy another printer of other brand.
End of story.

P/S : My chatbox are now working normally.Just a click at one time.Hee. :D

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