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Christmas Partehhh.
Saturday, December 26, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Thank you ;
Aaron.Tirzah,Adrian,Adrian Leong.Ad Win.
Chris.Amanda.Jesson.Bryan.Melvin.Carolyn.Bjorn.John.Irene.Win Li.Irene.Matthew.Jared.

for the Christmas wishes.Heh.

Working during public holiday was indeed tiring.I didnt get to sit from the moment I clock in until four hours later.People coming in and out non-stop.IT WAS TIRING.Really tiring.I was running to the counter and the stand to greet every guests that came in.Thank god everyone was in the festive mood,so nothing went wrong.Hee.There were guests that complained their food and drinks arrived late than expected.We,the Roasters cant help it but to apologize.Sorreh.

The best part was I saw a lot of my friends there.First it was John whom I dont think actually know that I'm working there.LOL.He didnt come in though.It's okay for me (: Then as I was busy entertaining the guest at the back,Mei Fen and Gan came in.What a surprise I must say.We chatted a while and I took off to entertain another guest :D

After she left,a very good friend of mine came.IT WAS WIN LI!! Weeeeeehh!! We were waving at each other happily.I actually got some ample time,so I decided to entertain Win Li and her family.I'm amazed by how she actually react when she saw me.SUPER FUNNY lah! :P Throughout the night,I was completely busy.

I also saw Le King.He looked VERY SURPRISED should see his face when he saw me.Le Roy and their mum were there as well.Le King's mum even ask me for discount.ROFL.As promised,Zee Yeng (who is working at Nando's) and I waved at each other across the place like some siao fella.HAHAHAHAHA.Kak Awien were looking at me with a very weird expression.Heh.People around were staring at us.Ngeh.I saw Xin Yi also.She's still very blur blur.and adorable.LOL.

Faiq and her mum were also there.Got to chat with her a while before Sir Hanafi cut me off.He was in need of something.Heh.Like I said,although it was a very tiring day,I had,I'm paid triple today *grins* :D Miss A's sarcasm doesnt turn me off either.She's having her menopause,i think.LOL *stick out tongue* :P I mean,like duh-it's NOT MY FAULT that the guest complained about their food.I repeat the bloody order TWICE.twice,okeh? -.- that lady really get me boiling.Since I'm still in festive mood,I'll just ignore her.A scolding wont affect me.for now.Today we made a fortune.around 9K of income (: AWESOME right? i know.Hee.

Sorry to Ah Ning because I didnt get to reply his sms. ): sorry eh? Hope you had fun watching Alvin and The Chipmunk 2 (: I went back home half an hour late than usual.My dad was waiting patiently for me outside like always.Thank you,dad (: Replied Ah Ning's text and chatted with Hue Ying :D Doozed off after a late night bath.

That's how my Christmas this year.

Merry Christmas,everyone (:
Merry Christmas,love (:

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