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The crazy times.
Thursday, December 10, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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After SPM ended,I went out almost everyday.
so,here's a recap of what had been happening for the past few days :)

8 Dec 2009.
As the last paper that I sat ended
(well,I went out early actually :P ) ,I proceed myself to the clinic whereby I had my dental appointment.Happy to know that the doctor didnt complained about my teeth hygiene =P HAHA.My doctor,Dr.Loke was being so nice that day.LOL.After the usual check up,she put on a new braces for me :) It is very pretty.Shimmery silver.So,now,my teeth kinda got the bling bling now,ya know? :P

Anyways,after I finished my dental appointment,I went back home and got ready for my mamak session at night later.So,around 9 pm,I reached Berkerly Corner and meet up with Jo Yee and Cherrie.We had so much fun.Then later,M'ch,Z-Yeng,Shu Ee and Ashley came. :) Sally came a little bit later.So yeah,basicly our mamak session was filled with discussion about everything.Our plannings and etc.Might be going to Genting/Singapore/ Port Dickson on looking forward to it.Heh :P I texted Menning during the mamak session since I was feeling bored earlier xD

Cherrie went so hyped up talking about Greenday.LOL.Apperentally they are coming down to Singapore soon.Weeh!:) Only had a drink for the whole night.Thanks to M'ch,we're now addicted with a drink named as 'three layers' Never knew it exist before =.= it's nice guys sould try it one day.Lameeeee :P Went back around 12 a.m.still texting Menning and doozed off.Owh.wished Toh happy birthday at 12.30 midnight.gosh.30 minutes late.rofl :P

9 Dec 2009.

Woke up SUPER early since I promised mummy to help her to clean the house before I went to The Curve.Got ready by 8.50 am and went to the KTM station with my mum.Waited around half and hour before Cherrie came and we proceed to KTM Subang.Eheh.The La Salle boys were there too.Chua,Menning,Bryant,Danny,Lee Hsiang and i dunno who else.They went to Sunway Pyramid.In the KTM,we're all cramped up like a can of sardin since there were way too many people =.=

A lot of things happened during the outing.We had a great journey after we came out from the KTM station.Went up on bus and went straight away to The Curve.bus fee was RM2.50 =.=;; In the bus,I decided to listen to Jo Yee's iPhone (Samsung STAR).Jo Yee,Cherrie and I sang along with Bowling For Soup-High School Never Ends :) When we reached The Curve,the first stop was the toilet.Heh.We camwhored a lot there :D As I am so fond of taking pictures,I took a lot of it during the outing with Jo Yee's camera.Ngeh xDDD

We headed to makan after that.Walked around and watched the 3 girls shopping.I didnt do any shopping as I didnt bring enough money.It's fun to see them shopping actually :) After finished shopping,we went up to one of the restaurant.Forgotten what was the name -.- The food was seriously affordable and nice.Hehe.The four of us shared our food since we ordered differently.Hehe :D

Jo Yee and Cherrie went crazy on shopping.I became the some of mannequin and Xin Yi bought a very cute short :D We pratically went to every stores and tried out everything.I tried this really nice dress at Kitschen.but too bad,you guys wont get to see it :P Was planning to went back around 5 pm,but cancelled last minute because they want to go shopping at Padini.Tired of walking,I waited for them outside the store and read Curses (it's a novel btw) I just found out that we cant take pictures of the clothes there.Weird much.

The funniest thing happened during our dinner. Xin Yi had gone gaga over this ang moh.So,she dragged me into the stalking session the whole time whe we were at IKEA Restaurant.It was so hilarious!!! :P Xin Yi and I kept on refilling the drink just because we want to take a look at him.hoho~ :P we are such stalkers! xP He's way too good looking okay? Like come on,you never stop when a good looking human passed by you? NO? Liar! XD

After dinner,we went back to The Curve and waited for Jo Yee's mum.again we camwhored.LOL.I felt like my legs is going to detach anytime.Dead tired.Jo Yee invited us to stay over at her house for the movie marathon at her house tomorrow.But I promised mummy that i'll be back home :) Xin Yi's dad kindly fetch me back home :D I had a great time indeed.Heh :) Thank you,Mr.Lee!

Pictures will be uploaded soon :)

Today-10 Dec 2009

Went up early in the morning to get ready for my x-ray appointment at HTAR.Dr.Loke said my gum can be fixed somehow.Hehe.very happy :DD but something unfortunate happened.My motorcycle tyre bocor in the middle of the road.I took the wrong route and end up in La Salle.LMAO wei! XD Luckily there are this young man is very kind enough to help us out.Thank you :) waited around half an hours and headed to the Hospital.btw,the mechanic is like super ang moh only.LOL :P

Self shot :D

The toilet is super fancy too!

After the x-ray,I went back home immidiately.but was stuck at traffic jam at Little India.super hot and long awaits for the cars to move *frowns* D: Reached home around 12.15 pm.One hour late.Ugh.Had my lunch and then went off to Jo Yee's house for the movie marathon.Only get to watch The Hang Over and 13 Going 30 :D I loveeee The Hangover!! It cant go through KeKKWA or whatsoever they called it because 1) It is totally unrated 2) They were cursing all the way in the movie. 30 Not censored at all (boobs etc) :DDD Sally,Mae Vin,SS,Cherrie and Xin Yi was there to join us.Hehe.After the movies,we went to the pasar malam and brought some foods.

The Hang Over!!

Xin Yi falling asleep in the air conditioned room.LOL.


Jo Yee.Mae Vin.

SS.Chan Siew Sheng.

On the way to pasar malam.

Around 6.30 pm,I went back home :) Three days of endless fun.Three exhausting days going out.LOL.I had so much fun.Really :) Thank you Jo Yee and everyone else for making the holidays fun for me.Eheh. :) Tirzah is at Times Square now.having

P/S: My blog is one year old!!!
PP/S: Happy Belated birthday to the triplets : Shamala,Sarasijah and their other twin.LOL.

Im done for now.


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