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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Did someone told you that some times,you worried too much?
Thursday, December 17, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Well,I did.

Tirzah told me that I worried too much sometimes.I have to admit that I am.I mean,how can I not be? I am very particular about everything actually.I always think,'what if I hurt her?' 'is she/her mad at me?' you know,things like that.I am afraid.I never want to hurt the people around me.I just dont want too.If I were to be capable to hate,I would.but right now,I'm being the normal me.I love the people around me.They called me names,I dont really mind,because it actually bond us together.

I miss the times I had during high school.yes,high school.The dramas,the undercover names,the sleeping session,the smelly toilet,the canteen.EVERY SINGLE THING.I even miss the janitor.LOL.Okay.too much of information,I know.TEE HEE :P

Today,I meet an old man on my way back from the clinic.He looked so pitiful.He got lost on his way to Jenjarum and got stranded here,in Klang.I almost cried seeing his condition.He asked for my help if I were to have any money to give him.He's sick ): and helpless.Poor man.Without hessistation,I opened my purse and what a disapointment,I only have RM2 at that time D: I gave him the RM2 and he gave me the brightest smile I've ever seen.He thanked me over and over again.I couldnt stop but just smile back at him.It does feel good helping those who are in need :) I'll always keep him in my prayers and hope that he will find his way back to Jenjarum :D

People seldom choose their own friends.Those who are too insecure are indeed a loss since they are missing the beauty of life.I've finally realized that the truth always reveals and the right always stands firm.I will never worry again since I have more than I need now :) Thank you,guys :D I'll always believe that my thoughts determine my life :) Now,if I've ever done any wrong doing,I've learned to equip my apologies with clarification.I will never get pull down by it.Learning from it instead.

Thank you,Tirzah and Yoke Pei :D

Right now,I'm hooked at this ! :D

We should crash Starbucks again! :D

Negative people can sap your energy fast,and they can take your dreams away
-Magic Johnson.

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