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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Wednesday, December 30, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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August 30th 2009 ; Merdeka Eve.

How I miss the time where I was in high school.Cant believe the fact that I'm on my own now.Working to earn money :) It's hard actually.Now I know the pain and suffering (so called.LOL) that my dad go through for almost 30 years to earn money to support the family.For once,I shall not talk about my daily routine now.But let me be excited for a while-because I met ERIC LEE!! the lame Eric kidding.his cousin and sister will kill me later *run* :D I saw Melvin too.but I guess he didnt notice me ):

Back to reality.Well,to be frank,I'm grateful indeed because my mother has thought me the integrity values every day.My dad on the other hand,work very hard every single day to support the family.Many might not know,but my dad is only an Alam Flora lorry driver.So yeah.Every day-yes,he dont have any day off- he went out to work at 6.30 in the morning and only came back around 11 or even 12 a.m every day.what touched me the most is that he NEVER show how tired he is.But i know because I always eavesdrop as my parents having their daily conversation at night.I'm a good daughter lah.
It's hard to work nowadays.With the money he earns every day,he managed to support us.I shall appriciate him more now because we'll be in need in a larger sum of money when I'm going to university soon.


Ah! I haven't been posting as much as I did in November. Haha. Oh no. I don't wanna lose my serial blogger streak. So here I am, trying to think of what I want to say. I'm sitting in front of the monitor and wondering what thoughts are going to flow out of my head. This is exciting. Lol. Just sitting and waiting.

Well-I shall began the real post about this dream I had last night.It was kinda sad,I must say.I'll tell you in story mode,alright? :D I'll be the narrator.Get ready with your popcorns ;)

The girl was dateless at the supposed to the highlight event of her senior year.Her date didnt turn up at all.She was completely bummed and speechless as the date called her the moment she entered the ballroom.Swearing in silence was all she's capable of at the moment.She looked around and saw the other couple laughing and entered the ballroom gracefully.She regretted somehow.The best friend saw the girl alone and invited her over to their reserved table.All the heart breaking promises already kill the girl mood for the rest of the night.

As the best friend were having so much fun,the girl did nothing at all.Suddenly out of no where,the boy-whom she completely loathe,jumped out of no where-and ask her for a dance.She's completely stunned-again.Regardless,she turn down the boy's offer rudely as rage started to control her mind; out of the blue.The crowd was in silence for a while.The boy was completely shocked too.and somehow,the girl felt that he went off with fury and hatred.

The girl had her reality check.She felt really bad for the boy.She's all alone now.The dance floor is heating up with catchy tunes.and her best friends already left her for a dance with her date.The girl completely give up and proceed to the loo to clean herself.Inside the loo,she heard someone's talking.She stay in the toilet and evesdropped their conversation.Turn out to be that the boy had an accident outside the hotel after the rejection he had to face.

Without wasting anytime,the girl ran out from the loo and went out to the hotel and found out it was true.The boy had an accident.She felt so bad and keep blaming herself the moment her glass heels stepped down the marble staircase in hurry.The friend of the boy stopped her the moment she was only an inch away with the boy who is covered in blood.She pushed him aside and put the boy's head on her lap.

She started to cry.All the hatred and loathe towards the boy suddenly disappear.Now,it's only pity,compassion and forgiveness she has for him.The boy suddenly hold her hand firmly.then he nodded ; a sign to ask the girl to open his palm.Gently,she did as told.


It was written all over his palm.She couldnt forgive herself if the boy were to be with Him sooner.Everyone was watching the incident cried too.The ambulance was no where to be seen.She got impatient and had the friend to call the hospital again.She looked around,seeking for people who can help him,but none was kind enough.What a world she's living in.She turn around to ask the boy to stay stronger but she break down and cried badly when she saw that the boy is no longer breathing.His eyes were closed firmly.He let go her hand slowly.She was too late.

I woke up immediately after that.Whoosh.scary D: Never imagine if I were to be in her shoes in real life.That's just too-you know.Oh well,it's just a dream.A sad one.hopefully it wont come true in any circumstances.LOL.

I wish you knew how deep the wound is becoming.