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I am chicken on fire.ROFL.
Monday, December 21, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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First day at work was AWESOME ,i must say :D It's 8.46 pm now and I'm completely exhausted! :D Well,at my work place today,I just learn how to take the order from the guests :) It was fun.The people there are very friendly too :D I'm happy that I decided to work there.The environment are relaxing and the meal for the employees are very good.SEDAP! :D

I also got to learn how did they marinated the chicken.super cool.and to make the ice cream :) I just love Kenny Rogers Roaster now :D and I've finally return back Jo Yee's DVDs.Thank you,Jo Yee! :D In the morning,I went to get myself an inoculation.Luckily I was in a good mood.because the nurse there was completely irritating and unfriendly.I didnt even do anything wrong! Mehh.She got anger management issue I think *stares* =.=

I approached her nicely.Together with my big fat grins,okeh? what more can you ask? Ishness.If it wasnt for my sister,I would have scream my head off at that nurse.Totally unprofesional.Pfft.She turned me off.and also the male receptionist at this bank (that I'm supposed to open an account to get my monthly pay) D: irritating people Other government offices that I went were friendly with me.They are nice people.Unlike that two.Blehh.

Again,I shall not ruined my mood now because of them.From now on,I'll be very happy with my life.I got all the happy pills that I wanted :) a job that is so awesome :) Eheh.and good friends that never bails on me :D Ah Ning told me that he had so much fun at Sunway.good for you :) Ah Ning the superhero!! He really believes that he can FE LAIIII!! :P I met Shri today as well.The reunion was unexpected.I was so happy since the last time we met was three years ago and I never heard from her since.Eeh.Nice reunion lah.

My work shift tomorrow will start at 6 p.m.Anyone want to makan there? :D Let me know okay? LOL.darling Tirzah is at Genting envious I am towards her that she got to go to a lot of places during our SPM breaks.JEALOUS! =P She texted me every time she saw something amusing.Haha.Like the mist and etc.and I'm hyped waiting for paintball!! :D

Dearest Tirzah,
5 years is a very long time indeed.Thank you for letting me to get to know you better each days.I'll never forget the times that we shared together :) I am not good with words,you know that.But all I wanted to say,thank you for believing in me always.You're indeed my pillar when I feel like I'm falling.Sorry if I've ever hurt you in any way.You're the best.and I dont think words can ever describe how great you are as a friend.We shall cherished every sesat moments we had before,now and in the future.Love you always :)

Attention :
Calling Win Li on S.O.S :)

I'll forget the past and move on now.
Pointless to care for those who dont even bother.

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