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The job hunting.
Wednesday, December 23, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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As planned,Ah Ning and I went for his(Ah Ning) job hunting.I'm just a companion since he's shy and still sesat case.LOL.Ah Ning! dont kill me! :P yeah,Ah Ning got lost on his way to my house.He almost reach Port Klang I yeah,he reached my house and we went off to Bukit Raja.

Fun to say that he's an awesome driver.AWESOME as in HE DRIVES like MY DAD.HAHA! very cool lah.To add a little exxageration,i think I left my heart at home when he start driving.Heeee.What's worse is HE DIDNT BRING HIS WALLET!!!

Me : Where's your P sticker? *pointing at the mirror*
Menning : *look at me* Atika,you know what?
Me: What?
Menning : I didnt even bring my wallet.Heh. *gurgles*
Me : WHAT?!?!?!

I was in complete shock alright.Luckily there was no road block at any of the stop we went.If not,I would stab him in the chest and bang the car at the divider.

Kidding lah.I dont want to go to jail yet.

Well,by the time we reached Bukit Raja,Ah Ning parked his car outside because non of us has enough money to pay the parking fees. -.- We proceed immidiately to Kenny Rogers Roaster.Unfortunately there were no more job vacancy ): My colleagues were surprised seeing me with him.Like duh,he's not an alien =.= so we proceed to Nando's.They asked him to fill the usual form.The manager in charge is very funny and sassy.HAHA.

My legs starting aching when we start walking back and forth aimlessly.haha.We tried all the shop that Ah Ning want to work at.Padini,PDI and also Royal Sports Sportware? Eek.I forgot the name of the last shop.The job hunting at Bukit Raja JJ ended after half an hour and we went back home.

Again,we got sesat because he keep on missing the right path to go into.i was LMAO-ing all the way back home.We chatted a while and he is still unsure whether he want to go to Carrefour or Centro for another job hunting.Ngeh.

So yeah,at last,we went to Carrefour and walked around.No interesting stop : HOME.Ah Ning is already tired and worn out.Kesian that fella :P We sort of reach our target of finding now,we'll see how it goes :D

The driver of the day :
Ah Ning :D

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