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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Awesome is my middle name.

December is finally here.Right now,I'm just blessed that God let me go through everything now and before :) Two more days left.Yes,I'm repeating this again.Because I'm afraid that I'll get school sick.Yeah.I'm getting it nowdays when I looked around the school.I'll definately miss school.Not the lesson i mean.The friends.Heh.

Friends that has always been with me through thick and thin,thank you :) As Danny quoted,a lot of us says not to worry if we miss each other right now.Because you said that we'll definately see each other after SPM.But how sure are you that we are going to see each other? We wouldnt you know,unless any one of us is willing to make the effort to call and gathered everyone :D True?

I'm amazed by the experiences and memories that I got from high school.It's priceless I must say.God knows how sad I am right now that I am leaving high school.I cant believe that I already graduated.It seems that I just step into Bukit Kuda yesterday,anxiously waiting for any familiar faces to go with in order to enter my new classroom :) Good times :) I also would like to apologized if there's anything that I've said that might hurt anyone.Sorreh.I'm not perfect.I made mistake.Do forgive me.

Hold to forgiveness, command what is right; but turn away from the ignorant." [7:199]

I'm currently listening to A Rocket To The Moon's Dakota.Great song.very meaningful.Suits my feelings right now.Hee :D I'm not going to blurt out everything here.No.Only certain people knows :) A ya.I bet all of you heard.New Moon is already out.and please do not ask me to watch it because I am not a but fan.I do like reading the novels but I dont go obsessed with Edward or Jacob.Ngeh.Jasper is exceptional because he's somehow attractive to me :P Sorry all Twilight-ians.Sorry Bryan :PPP

Ah.I'm craving for books to be read right now.Anyone kind enough to borrow me some? TEE HEE :P December's schedule is packed.and I'm going to be working the next week right after SPM ended.To those who ask,why not enjoy your 3 months freedom first? Well,I cant actually.

I came from a middle class family.My dad works as an Alam Flora lorry driver and my mother is a housewife.I'm not telling you this because I want sympathy.I'm telling all of you this because I want all of you to know the truth :) I do wish I can go out anytime and spend my money until I'm broke ( LOL) but I have to think about my parents.They worked very hard to raise me and now it's my turn to repay them :) Probably I can go out sometimes,but not everytime.Everytime I go out,there will be money spent.So heh,I'm saving for my future.

My novel is going to be published soon.YAY! Adrian is kindly driving me to the National Library.The plan is still on hold.So,we'll see how it goes,wokeh? :D Alright,I should be going now.I'm running out of ideas and my arse are fidgeting already.LOL.So now,I'll just click 'publish post' now,okay? Okay :)

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