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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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let me tell you.
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Kenny Roger's Roaster :D

For the past few days,I've been out from the house to sort out the things before I report myself on the first day of work next Monday.I'll be working at Kenny Roger's Roaster Bukit Raja outlet *pops confetti* :)

As excited I am,I have to admit it was very tiring D: I need to get few things ready.I have to open a Maybank account,KWSP and get myslef a vaccine injection :D My phone was with me all the time.I am indeed missing my besties.So yesterday,I decided to text them.Am very glad to know that they are doing great :) So excited to meet up with them soon :D On a short note,I tried to change my blog skins,but the babited blog skins turn its back on me.Pfft.The blog skin hunting was a complete failure. *stares at the screen* xD Lee Hsiang and his family pay their cats a visit at my house today.LOL.It has been a month now since I took care of them.Lee Hsiang's elder brother is very funny.I was grinning all the time talking to him.what a noob -___-

Am chatting with Jesson and Shireen at the moment.LOL.Both retarded fella.HAHA! :P We sure crapped about a lot of things.Eheh.The catching up with the La Sallian friends were indeed fun and touching.Most of them now are doing a lot of things.Danny is going to Sunway soon to further his studies.Aaron just came back from his memorable Interact Conference :D Toh is oing for Actural Science? LOL idk.Right now,I'm just wondering how is Chua Yumin? ZOMG *squint eyes* :P I miss his delicious sarcasm.SERIOUSLY. *grins* :DDDD That guy has been MIA since forever.Mangkuk :P Bell is off to Singapore today. *frowns* jealous -__-

I miss my classmates the most nowdays.Can't believe the fact that we wont be together again ): Yana is already in Qatar.Take care,okay? :D 5 Science 2 of 2009 had to be ze best.In fact,I'm planning a hang out soon ^^ Outing with the JBTs is still on hold.Too many things to do D: Michelle invited me to go to the Taylor's Campus excited to hear about it. :D I might be going,but still unsure.rofl.asking Adrian if he can drive me there :) Currently chatting with Aaron Minjoot as well :) haha.the ever awesome sesated Dutchboy (very long nickname) :D He and his endless gaming addiction.HAHA.Facebook is getting more anf more fun nowdays.LOL.I didnt play any games though,since my computer will lag if I were to play any.Ish.Texting my darling Tirzah was a complete LOL.

Christmas is around the corner and I cant wait.Am going to celebrate it with few friends :) Might be going to the church to see their play as well :D I wondered if Daniel came back from Thailand already? Hmm *scratch not itchy head* :D Will text him later :)


P/S : Please drop the pathetic act,will you?
PP/S : Adrian's turning gay! LMAO! xD
PPP/S: Hakim's learning wicked! :D
PPPP/S :I'm publishing my novel.Like,finally! :D

I'm all better now.
Everything's solve.
Thank you :)

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