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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Sunday, December 20, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Credits : Sapphira Yeo.

That's what darling Tirzah always told me.

I am indeed praying for a miracle to happen right now.

I am not in a good mood right now.Everything seems to be out of place.I feel miserable.Worse enough,my friends are not with me.The happy pills are busy as well.My handphone's credit just expired.Oh,GREAT.just GREAT.Starting from today,I shall let my phone and computer rested.I'll top up the credit,but if I didnt reply your msg,there are only three possibilities ; 1) I dont have any credit to reply you 2) I am busy with my work 3) I just dont want to reply your message.Make a choice.

I hope someone is having having a celebration that I'm miserable now.Happy right? Please dont forget the champange and the thanksgiving turkey.Oh,what am I babbling? D: Shit.I cant help to be miserable.The fact that I'm going to start working tomorrow doesnt help either.I think I will be better tomorrow.Hopefully.I shall stay away from the virtual for a while.

I feel pointless to go online nowdays.I mean,no one to chat with.and Facebook is so =.=;;; Yahoo and MSN are completely irritating.Feels like replying who ever that spammed the spam section, 'can you get your own life and stop sending all this bull crap? '

you get my point,right? D: I lost hope with everything.Local U might have big chances to be my destination next year.Mehhh.I shall not think about it now.Friends? *sigh* we're falling have your own world now.and maybe,just maybe,I'm forgotten? D:

I hate this feeling.
I can kill myself if it continues.

Where is everyone??????

I already done my part.and you already made the choice.Probably,I'm just a small part of your life and you dont even mind if I'm gone.True? Oh well.I know I am no match to your new friends.or even your best friends now.Go and spread the rumours now about how desprate I am to talk to you everyday.See if I even give a damn.Gah.

I feel like I'm the only one making the effort and I dont think the other party even care.HAHA.gosh,I feel so pathetic.Even my sister is having a good holiday although she has to spend most of her times going to tuition and do all the boring stuff.I feel like I'm beind used sometimes.I dont know.My feelings are having a war among themselves now.Anger,Misery and Sadness seems to be winning.Good job.

My mom always told me to forgive others.Dont hold any grudge on them.and i follow what ever she said.Although,she is an alarmingly uptight person sometimes,but I dont mind.She's my mum,after all.I wont be here today if it wasnt for her.I am what I am.I dont get why some people tend to keep their emotions as cold as the ice at the North Pole and very hard to forgive others.Oh well.

and now I'm telling myself :
Get a life,Atika.

you seriously need one.

P/S : If you see a girl drown in Klang River as the highlight of tomorrow paper,that would probably be me.
PP/S : Okay I'm just kidding.I'm just sad,not out of my mind.
PPP/S : I miss everyone.
PPPP/S : Siapa makan cili,dia yang terasa pedasnya.

I cant never be a cold person,you know that.

You passed the misery test.

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