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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Monday, December 28, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Hello readers! :D

I'm back and still alive.

So,I've been away for..3 days? Long enough for all of you to miss me? Heh :) Life has been busy as all of you know :D Working is tiring but fun.Heh.Working in a huge shopping mall allowed me to meet up with my friends.LOL.For the past few days,I've met quite a number of friends.Am very happy to see them indeed.Learned a lot of new things every day.So yeah,it is fun alright.HAHA.

Zee Yeng with Xin Yi and I always waved at each other every day.So fun.Heh.I always tell myself when I already start working,I will never forget my friends.Though I'm very busy nowdays,I'll always sneak out during working hours and texted my friends :P My manager kinda know about it,but pandai-pandai lah :P Today,I met Amanda,Hue Ying,Alex and Syakila.Met all of them during different time of course.Alex looked so different because he pierced his left ears.I was like 'o_O' when I saw him *grins* Ngeh.

Currently chatting with Lee Hsiang.retarded fella.He's working soon.GOOD LUCK!! :D wearing pink t-shirt on his first day of work.ROFL. Bjorn is such an adorable boy.Come and visit me when you're free,okeh? Hee.Menning is missing his friends already.Aww.Dont worry lah.they'll never forget a good friend like you :) The chatting with Michelle on the other hand,is quite need to know.LOL.Bell is having so much fun in Pangkor at the moment.Splendid ;) Win Li,Daniel,Yoke Pei,Su Vien and M'ch are in PD now.Heee.youth camp! :D

Tirzah and Menning have to be the best companion for me nowdays.Although we no longer see each other,we often texted to remind each other that we're still good friends *teary eyes* Thank you :) Everyone are leaving to further their education.Jason is fying to Aussie soon.have fun there,alright? :D

On a short note,I'M DYING TO LEARN TO DRIVE.can anyone teach me please? Gosh D: almost kill Lee Hsiang because he couldnt teach me driving (exxageration,obviously) The blogger is seriously missing her friends now *sobs* ): What happened to them eh? *scratch not itchy head* Haih.

If I tell you that I miss you,
will you hug me back and tell me the same?

Oh well,enough updates for now :)

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