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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Seize my heart.
Friday, December 4, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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So in holiday mood now :D

Being all alone last night made me realized something.I'm going to be free from the war soon.and yes,I'm happy :D Tomorrow is going to be a new day for me.I've decided to go to Klang Parade and go around to find if there's any vacancy in any shops :) I'm super excited actually.Heh.I was at Pn.Hasiah's house yesterday.Had loads of fun chatting with her and also the maid :D LOL.

Texted Danny,Ah Ning and Wee Kent when I got bored.Thank youuuuu :) Dont feel that bored after that.Hehe.As I looked at the calendar,I just realized that I got only ONE paper left! OMG! so happy can? :DDD I shall work hard for the last paer,which is Chemistry.Ngeh.Yeah rightttt.All I do now is slacking and pampering myself and avoid reading Chemistry.Lazy? Yeah.

On a short note,Adrian and I are going to plan something.Something which is not sure you just have to wait for more updates.Bryan is seriously addicted to Twilight.which i think is super cute of him :) and brave.Because not many guys i know would admit they actually like Twilight.Ego much? Bleh.Now,I'm looking for the novels for him.Patience okay,dear? :D

Been calling everyone just now for an outing.and what a HUGE disappoinment that NONE of them can make it ): Am pratically disappointed.and sad.VERY SAD.I put an effort and they just say not sure.Okay,only some of them.But dude,everyone counts okay? *stares* No one seems wanted to go out with me,that's what I think at the moment ):

Chatting with the Dutchboy now.Ahah! Thank you Aaron for cheering me up at time like this.I am depressed somehow.Very am depressed.First it was the speech and now the outing.Ugh *bang bang bang head on the wall* D: Talk to the him about it,and awwww he is super ohmigosh! *bigbiggrins* :D and stop bitch slapping with Samantha lah.HAHA! We got the awesome-est frowns,hugs and winks ever! SERIOUS :P LOL.gone hyper already *slaps myself* Thank you to Ah Ning too for being the crazy (Aaaaa!!) funny guy I know.Plus,he never failed to cheer me up with his random SMSes.and what else eh? LOL.

Dan Ng is off to Thailand soon.and whoa! I'm jealous alright.Ish.I wanna go to Thailand too! *frowns* Eh,pretty boy,buy me something okeh? :D and dont end up living in Thailand tau! (since there's a lot of hotties there) :P Jason Ong is leaving soon right after SPM.To Aussie ): Better take good care of yourself there,wokeh? and dude! stop being so lame with me lah! Heh xD

Nickhun! *melts* :P

next time,you must hug me like this okay?
hints; Aaron Minjoot.Tirzah Yeo and the rest of the happy pills :D

Now that I got all the happy pills I need (thank you Aaron) :D I'm back being me again *square dance* Life is still worthwhile living.and yes,I am still breathing.LOL.I'm going to start working very soon.and then college.Gosh.time flies :)

Like Jo Yee says,
our friends don't need to be super awesome and wild people, all they have done for us is to share their time with us.It is not easy to find a friend you care about, who cares about you too. You might think it's easy, but it isn't.

We have had alot of friends throughout our school years, rotating from one to another, being close to this and drifting apart and then somehow going back together again. It's a cycle. A vicious cycle.

But at the end of the day, it's amusing for us to realise, the friends who we have by our side as we leave school, are those who have been around when we started school.It is a cycle. It really is. It isn't a transition, it's a cycle. 360 degrees around, there you have the people who love you best, and whom you love best. The same people you have known when you started the cycle.(got to love this line :D )

Of course along they way I have friends who I love alot,
who aren't close to me, but who I am really grateful to have known
(still quoted by Jo Yee.Heh)

and now,I'm happy being with all of them.
We will soon will move on and have our own life.
But I do hope that none will forget me :)

quote of the day ; Atika's hyperactive-ness is like a radiation.and it has a very long half life -Sanjeeva.

Do you realise that almost all my blog post are long?
Gosh :P

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