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Who put the ice cream on fireeeeeeeeee???
Wednesday, December 23, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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It's 1.14 in the morning.
so yeah.
ignore the title.

(with high pitch.LOL)

okay,that is the greeting we always say at Kenny Rogers.


starting from the beginning of the day,I was out from the house.sorry.correction.was IN the house actually.did some cleaning and usual chores.Watch Leverage AWESOME SHOW! :D Around 5 pm,I went out from the house.My mom insist of fetching me o work (although I obviously have a motorbike and driving license -.-) because she's very afraid of my safety riding my motorbike alone? Mehhh.Come back to think about it,it's true anyways :) It's very dangerous for girls to go out alone nowdays.even during daylight -.-

I dropped by at Jo Yee's house on the way to JJ.She was asleep at that time,so I passed the stuff to April :) Almost kena bang with a car.Reckless driving.Pfft.Was surprised when I reached Kenny Rogers.So many new colleagues when I got there.It got a little awkward,I must say.I got so nervous-correction again: TOO nervous when I take order from my VERY FIRST customer.

Every Roasters (that's what the Kenny Rogers' employees are called.I got the hang of the nickname.Heh) were looking at me when I take the order from the customer.Nerve wrecking moment FTW.LOL.anyhoo,things went a little better after that since my ex-schoolmate was there too.She's a Roaster,just like me! :D She explained to me the things that I need to do during working hours.Heee.

FUN i must say.Got to bond with the colleagues as well.They are actually not THAT scary as I thought they were.They eventually go easy on the new kid :) The rest of the day was sort of really tiring.Had my break with Razi (if im not mistaken) Sir Hanafi is the Manager-in-charge today :D Met Putri's ex,Faez.WTHeck is wrong with that fella? not THAT close to him also.

Texted Ah Ning,Tirzah and Chris in between breaks.Wasnt allow to text people during working hours actually.LOL.Anyhow,reality check.I am still broke.Will open my own bank account next week.

This one is for my first ever official salary,okeh? :D

and blah,blah,blahhh..the day ended pretty well.I met a lot of guests (we called customers as guests :D ) who has various personalities.NICEEEEEEE :D My shift are until the closing hours.So yeah,I help to clean up the restaurant too.uber cool :) Waited for everyone to get ready and headed back home.Went online when I got back home and here I am,blogging.

On a short note,I decided to change the font of my post from now on since there's someone ( Ming Jin) who actually couldnt really read my yeah.HAPPY,MJ? :P

P/S: 24th December :PMR result.good luck to all 15 years olds! :D
PP/S: Working on Christmas.HOHOHO~
PPP/S: not working tomorrow.going out,job hunting with Ah Ning.Heh.
PPPP/S : I just realised that Shean's party is tomorrow.WTF? D:

I'm dead tired now.
I shall sleep.

Good night,world.

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