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You think what I think?
Thursday, December 24, 2009 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I shall set my blog font as normal again.Can read now,right? :D

Okay.the previous post were deleted because I feel it's unnecessary.HAHA.I hope Veeni wont kill me when she read this.Hee.Okay,I had a good day today at work.For the first time,I worked during peak hours and guests are coming in and out non-stop.It was tiring and fun :D

Everything in restaurant has already been identified and well read by yours truly.I'm happy to say that I can work happily now.I used to feel like an outcast,but not anymore.Had a blast having break with the new colleagues :) I tried the banana muffin and it was delicious! :D seriously.Heh.

As all of you are aware,PMR result day is today.and I was in the school to witness everything.Heh.The presence of Editor-In-Chief is still required by Puan Hasiah.The atmosphere when I reached the school was exactly the same like how I felt when I took my PMR result 2 years ago.

Very nervous lah.

How was your result? :D I need to call ze sidekick and my sons now.

I met my fellow juniors.There were some crying and there were also those who rejoice happily as they achieve what they target.Kudos to all of you :) I didnt stay long as I had to go back home at 11 a.m so that my mum can fetch me to work.During my working hours,coincidentally,I saw Puan Tan at Famous Amos.buying Christmas gift,I think :D Saw Jo Yee as well.She's working at PADINI now.Congrats! PADINI is Jo Yee's favourite shop :D

See,I told you I wont fret about my life anymore.

True,I do have some dissatisfaction about certain things,but now,I'll try to turn that certain things into something positive.This way,I wont be having any wrinkles at the age of 17.

Kidding lah.

Lately,I've been thinking which University or College should I go into.The chatting with Ah Ning on our way back home yesterday from the job hunting triggered my mind.I think I should reconsider my choices eh.But for now,only Massa Communication in Broadcasting and Journalism attract my attention.Probably I'll be taking Management in Hospitality and Bussiness.Meehhh.I still dont know.Any suggestions? :D

Oh my.suddenly I remembered something.CHRISTMAS is tomorrow!! :D :D MERRY CHRISTMAS,everyone! :) To everyone who's celebrating,happy carolling? Heee 8D I wish Malaysia has that I can play in snow when it's already December.HAHA.

Lame,I know.SHADAP YOU =P

New Year's approaching in few days time.To be exact,next Friday :) 2010.Starting from next Saturday,I'm officiall eligible of watching those '18 and above' movies.YAY! *banana dances* :D I shall remind myself to bring my ID in case the people there will kick me off for watching an extreme-assassin movie.HEY,I'M ALREADY 18! :D Ayuni! Syaika! jom keluar! :D

P/S : Can't wait for my first salary.
PP/S : Sir Hanafi wants to do braces for his teeth.AWESOME.
PPP/S :Twilight for Ah Boy in on the way! ;)
PPPP/S : paintball!!! :D

This is what I called a blog post.

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