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Tuesday, January 26, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Prefects' Farewell 2009 ;
where it all ended.

I am finally getting my salary soon! like very soon!! :D :D according to my calculations (yes,i can still count) ,im getting around RM1.3 K this month.My budgets have been approved by the big boss (my mom) and yeaahhh,im going to spend like a bitch.WUHAHAHA!! *overkill laughter* ;D Lots of items yet to be buy.and im already escastic as I type this.SHOPPING!! :] January is coming to an end and yet,I feel like im not that all.

Why lah? *shrugs* D:

Too be honest,I dont know why.but ill just let the feeling comfort for itself.Heh.I am happy at the moment.My novels are on their way back to me.To be finalized before I'll send the hard copy to Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka :D Thank you so much to Bell and Zaty.infinty hugs goes to the both of you ♥ ♥ ;) happy can? *beams happliy* :D

A ya.Did I tell you about the existance of a guy who is working at the B.U.M Equipment' retail shop at Aeon Bukit Raja? LOL! He is so.....fine :P Really!!! call me a stalker for all you want,but I can assure you that he very the HOT ;D

yes,I do think he's hot.Like ang moh.Heeee.

Sir Faiz,one of Nando's manager is very good-looking. *swoon* 8D right,Xin Yi? :P and guess what? he's going to SuJu's concert just because his sister is a big yeah.RM200+ worth of ticket price,please DX I encountered some bad seeds yesterday (a very rude family.rude father,mother and their seeds) Blegh.and Cherrie said I should spit in their food accidentally next time ;D

Maybe I will.who knows? HAHA! :D

HAH! I am not THAT insane yet,okeh? Just a minor distraction from enjoying every day after much for holidays and yada,yada,yada... -____- My friends are quitting their part time job soon so I was thinking to quit mine too.How? I dont know leh.Maybe I will.Will keep you posted on this soon.

I'm in major dilemma now.about my tertiary studies.Internet are not helping at all.Am waiting for Ter and Ku to update me soon about it.Heh.I have been such a stalker lately been stalked by someone lately.and well,me not liking it D: D: sorry.I'm just not comfortable.Thank you very much.

Talked to Ku for a while yesterday.Went random for no apparent reason at 1 in the morning. *bigbiggrins* :D

" Why you didnt put any default picture for you Facebook profile?"

"Because I got no handsome picture.So,I didnt put lor"

Tell me about being vain.ROFL.and Ter reminds me of Toh.i wonder how that Totodile doing? *scratch head* D: JBT gang! outing mari! ;D and what happened to the gay partner's BBQ partay? Aiks.Told Dan Ng and Tirzah bout the incident with the bad seeds,and Weeh! I'm all cured! :D the tepek victim is so HIGHed for some retarded reason.So yeah.I just *smacks* him online :P Menning is turning into a serious fanboy *jaw dropped* OH NO -.- I hope you can still be saved (!) *runs to Nickhun* :D

Like Bell said,her students at Kumon are gradually starting to warm up to her, its hard not to seeing how childish she can get sometimes with them.She don't know how they do it but they just have to make me laugh each time whenever she do (initially planned to) scold them but failed :/

and I HAD to agree with her :|

But then,at the same time,it is really enjoyable teaching them.One of the reason has to be the way they react or when they want something which I dont usually give them unless necessary.Heh.ultimate adorableness :D and most of them spoke to me either in Chinese or Mandarin since I do understand the language.So yeah,my Chinese vocabulary is improving *popsconfetti* :D Natasha and Nicholas are teaching me Chinese indirectly everytime I spoke to them.Heh.Rong Shen is so cuteeeeeeeeee. *grins* :B Amir with his his never-ending catch phrase 'Wat 'cha gonna do about it? ' .LOL.and they can be so adorableeeee when they want too.

Like how Amir was last Thursday after class.

"Teacher,do you think I'm handsome? "

and he smiled sheepishly after that.LOL.How can I not love them? :D I am starting to love kids thanks to them.Chatted with Arif just now.a complete LOL convo.Heh.Decided to bug Naqib but he (blank) Oh well ): Fine lah.Adrian are also missing in action at the much of Tenji-outing on me! DX

Yesh,I'm being shooooo dramatic.Sue me (!) and as you can see,I already placed a comment link at the end of every post.SLAP ME that can virtually slap me after reading the post.shot your bullets now.

Out of topic : I am invited to so many events this upcoming months.Interact IU Day(s) of SMK La Salle and SMK (P) Raja Zarina :) Am so excited to be there.Ahah!! and the Prefectorial Board of Bukit Kuda is having their camp at Dusun Eco Resort this year.Unfairrrrrrrr!!! D: D:

Will shoot Abdullah in the head soon for calling me mellow dramatic -__-
Can't wait to get my hand on the $!! KAR-CHING! (!)

Ah,it's almost 3 in the morning.
Time for beauty sleep.


How can I not miss the stalking subject now?
Eeee D:

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