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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Yeah.I change my blog skin.for the third time this week.Neater right? Heh.

Credit goes to Dan Ng for the header :D inspirational,i must say.

Yeap.I prefer plain and simple blog skin.Like Zhi's.

Well,nothing much happened today.Only the fact that it was really hectic at work.and HELL,I would have died lying on the floor if it werent for the fact that back up cashier,Kak Farah's help.thank youuuu ;D So was people everywhere at Kenny Rogers' Roaster today.Since were's having our 16th annual celebration of Kenny Rogers,those who ordered one quarter meal will entitled another quarter meal for free :) so awesome can? :D yeah.I am again the cashier.It felt awesome since i no longer have any feuds towards any of my colleagues ;] so yeah.Eventually I met my cousin and my aunt throughout the day.

Too busy that I couldnt sit down and chat with them ): Sorry.

My bestie ; Syaika and Ayuni actually came.but I only got the chance to meet up with them during my break.Am so thrilled to see them again.I was smiling and laughing all the way as we updated each other.and *ahem* gossips? :P That shall remain between the three of us.It's good that they never forget about me.I'm not saying they would,but I am just glad alright :D They showed me their Supra's shoes.and it is so sexayh! *winks* Heee.

the rest of the day was perfectly fine.Had camwhore session with the colleagues.IT WAS err..FUN? TEEHEE :P cant wait to get my hand on the photos.From Syakila and Faeez as well (: I am excited to get myself a DSLR :D

So yeah.I finally bought myself a Chocolate Cream Chip Frappucino from Starbucks.and i got 20 % discount since I am one of the Berjaya's cool! :D Tomorrow will be J-Card member's Day.and I bet my work place will be very busy.

The best part?

I am not working tomorrow! yay! ;] HAHAHAHA *overkill laughter* xD My tutoring at Kumon are on every Monday and Thursday.So get my point right? (: I'll be going to Aeon Bukit Raja tho.Meeting up Hakim ; ze Frech teacher.We're on a mission tomorrow.Eheh.Might be taking loads of photos.MAYBE.My 2009 school's magazine have already been distributed to the was okay actually.Quite unsatisfied with certain things but there's nothing I can do about it ):

Many of my friends already started college.Kinda sad that we couldnt meet up like we used too :c Everyone's doing their own thing now.Eek.that includes Dan Ng you had fun? Hee ;] I wonder how Yen Yen is doing now that she rarely update her blog.LOL.

Did I tell you that I have loads of Kumon's work sheets to be marked? Yeap.A LOT.funny that I'm not bored at all. *grins* maybe it's the fact that I dont get bored doing what I like seems to be true aite? Well,I've been neglecting about my weight now.Seems that yours truly is gaining :/ Mehhh.screw it.Pfft.

Fudge! I havent finish marking the Kumon work sheets!!! *roll eyes* D:

Till then.


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