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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Thursday, January 21, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Our conversation went something like...

"Eh,we're losing our sesatness karma already lah *pouts* D: "

" I guess you're all matured now"

" Really?"

"Yeah.HAHA.dont worry lah.Everyone will eventually change one day.It is only the matter of time"

I guess I am getting more matured everyday.Mehh.Dutchboy's prediction may actually come true.Eek.I seriously don't know where the girl who used to post random weird comedic stuff back in 2008 went.or any other year.Blegh.

Finally I am able to update my blog now after three days away from virtual world.Hee :] i would like to tell you about my work,but i guess you'll just vomit blood later,so i better not.LOL.But then,I couldnt let all of you go off without telling the fact that i met a guy who is drop dead gorgeous.


The sexiest part of him is definitely his amazingly sexay English accent *growls* :D :D :D I turned all jell-o in front of him -__- I hope he didnt notice that.One of my colleague also said the same thing.So yeah,we ended up talking about him the whole afternoon.Heh.Okay,skipped that.Had a great time chilling with Zee Yeng and Xin Yi after working hour.The blaring music were somehow comforting and turn us ON (in a good way lah) *stick out tongue* :P

Credits: Zee Yeng.

Zee Yeng.Atika.

She 's like the hottest Nando's worker ;)
All the ladies who work at Nando's are HOT actually.

Zee Yeng.Atika.Xin Yi.

and I can never get enough of XY's sesatness.

I met my former colleague,Alex and Abu back in 2008 when I used to work at HELP College :) Saw Ashwin as well.Now,I feel so much better at work since one of my closest colleague,Chian are working the same shift as I am.Weeh! :) and yes,we share secrets too! :P Highlighted event of the day had to be the chatting with Aaron Minjoot.yes,I am very happy that I got to chat with him after 20485960483 days of not doing so.LOL.and of course,updated each other lah :)

exxageration,obviously :P

Today was like any ordinary day.I went to Aeon Bukit Raja with Cherrie before our Kumon tutoring class was so fun! So funny seeing Cherrie and Joey mocking at each other.LOL.Before Cherrie came,I decided to walk around and did my very first window shopping ALONE.overall,it was okay.Also,I did my budget planning for my salary.I am very satisfied with the planning.Heee ;D Thinking of buying few worth-to-buy things like a new printer,clothes and etc.I can finally take my driving license after this. *squeled* :3 After my class ended,I headed to mamak with my dad.My body is alarmingly heavy right now :/ very bad sign.Eeee D: A ya.I guess you already heard the news that I am entering the Malaysian Top Host's audition.Gesh,I am so excited !! :D

Bell and Zaty are working hard to finish the editing process.Thank you so much,girls Cant wait to get back the edited copy by the end of this month.yaaay! ;D Dan Ng and DANny Lim are having a great time at college.Good for them.LOL.Pre-U course,baybeh! ;]

the third Dan? broke his arm during a football match.Eee D: Get well soon!

On a short note,I've been blogging at very random hours for the past few days.Like now.Reason? I am very busy nowadays.Haih.sad case,really.I dont even time to chat with my sis anymore ): And the only things I do whenever I go online is blogging,check my Facebook account,check emails and nothing else.Feel so...lifeless -__-

credits goes to Jo-Yee for the picture :)

Wait on fate to send a sign

P/S : am doing private tuitions for English now.Heh.
PP/S : My body ached so baddddd -____-
PPP/S : am not changing the header for now.Thank you.

Everything will be okay at the end.If it's not okay,then it is not the end
-Bjorn Liow.


Who says I can get stoned?
John Mayer

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