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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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going deep under.
Tuesday, January 19, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Was busy.sorry.for now,I'm back before I work my arse off working and earning money :) Nothing much happen but just so you know,i am starting to have a slight hatred towards my colleagues.A little bit lah.oh wait-for some,i dislike you a lot.HATE-in other word.i loathe dare to bitch about me behind my back? I shall bitch about you then, my blog.

Oh wait.I dont bitch about people.Although,I felt completely eff up yesterday.Some bloody balls just decided to accuse me of theft just because the account was short of what? I am NOT a thief.and im not THAT cheap to steal money,okeh? Pfft. *shakes head* people these days.Told you why I can never trust them.The next time he said that again,I swear that im going to have his testicles for lunch.NOT MY LUNCH.that's just gross -.- mind your words,'ll get burn later ;D

My life has been pretty boring lately.going through the same old routine everyday.What's worse is my sleeping time has gone haywire for the past few weeks D: some guests are just a pain in the seriously.Pfft.If i werent for the fact that i work there,i would have strangle those customers for good.TEEHEE :P

Probably strangling is way too much la hor? ;D

Tirzah told me to reconsider my job since i sort of suffer there.Haih.I dont is hell at times at works,but i do enjoy it sometimes.Ugh.i cant make up my mind about this.Enlighten me please? :D

I've made up my mind.I am not going to give out my blog link easily to other people I used to,last time.Was so hyped up of the fact that people actually read my blog.weird,i yeah.will never ever trust anyone now as probably they'll come across reading my yeah.dangerous *gasp* :/ go and get your own life lah,stalkers.

I end up falling asleep during Kumon today.was super tired ): and my phone's credit expired.okay,why am i telling you this? i dont know why.LOL.but then,the kids there are soooooo adorableeeeeeeeee.i can die soon from restraining myself to kidnap them.LOL.

Rong Shen and Amir just made my day

Nicky,Cherrie and I had a great colleague-bonding time.she's an ex-BKian too.awesome,i tell you.Heh.FYI,I am working part-time at two different places.

The editors for my novels has been MIA for days.or is it just me? :P I am indeed so excited for the'll be seeing my novels on sale in few months time,i bet.Heeee ;] Paid a visit to Syaika's new house recently.and it is just was whoahing all the time.ROFL.sorry ah.was HIGHed for a while.My French class was cancelled for some reason.yeah,was disappointed for sure but there's nothing i can do ): Thank you Danny,Bjorn and Tirzah for being there for me.

I've realized that everyone is leaving.the sidekick is leaving for Melaka in two weeks time *dramatic cry* D: ill miss you for sureeeee.take care,alrighty? :D

2009 in memories ;
his attempt of scamming me.
but phaileddd :P

On a short note,I am entering Malaysian Top Host 2010 audition!! *grins* :D hopefully ill pass the has been my dream to be an announcer on tv ;D and well,to be famous.LMAO.wish me luck,aite? *finger crossed* xD

In case you havent read the news,

my deepest condolences to the family and friends of
Leo Jason Ch'ng Wai Seong.
President 09/10 of Leo Club of Chung Ling High School.
and to those who have perished.

Sad that another star falls and will never shines again.

May the others be found ):

and yes,I miss high school.

the day before SPM and yes,we're all retarded.

Free hugs,anyone? :D

Toodles :)

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