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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Hoi polloi.
Tuesday, January 5, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I feel so much better after a whole day of sleeping and and eating the coconut flesh.Heee.natural remedy is awesome! :D Although I felt like pulling my hair (because the headache is seriously killing me) but I dont give up and just woke up.

My brother said I looked like I'm drunk. -.-

Ignore yeah,HOLLA,people! :D I'm back.going to be the normal me again in few hours time.I am happy of course ;) Oh ya.Did I told you that I dont go HIGHed like I used to? D: Sad,I must say.I mean,I can only be the real me whenever the friends are around.Disapproving treatment reduced my hyperness.tsk -.-

I miss the first two days of school.School's as in,my sister always came back home with loads of stories but I was not there to hear it.I only get to hear about it whenever I cam back from work *sigh* D: My sister said school was fun.but she was unsatisfied with the selections of her subjects' teachers.HarHar x) All I did was nod all the time.


The Prefectorial Board system apparently changed as well.Miss Tan asked my sister and the rest of the BODs to increase their productivity in ensuring the discipline of the students are in good order ;) Awesomeness.but then,the new head of the disciplinary board amongst the teachers is so *shakes head* *screamed in horror* D: D: I'm going to see my school's counselor tomorrow regarding my higher education dilemma.Heee.Alongside,probably I'll get to see all the other teachers as well. *banana dance* :D

I'm getting a new phone. *grins* :D and I'm posting my novel to Bell tomorrow!! Haha.I dont know why am I excited -.- yeap.some actually dont believe that I actually write now,you know,okeh? :D The planning of taking photography class has to be put on hold.Eee.God's willing,I'll be taking it :)

Zaty finally showed me Dan's picture.and *swoon* :D Wow.he is *insert rocking banana icon* 8D and do you realised that my English command is improving? xD Thanks to all that helped me to learn new words everyday.Thank you,Dan Ng :D I'm not perfect,still in the learning process.Thank you very much :)

and to end this post,I shall reveal the most adorkable picture (as stated by Tiffany) ever taken.


Jang Wooyoung is super adorkable! :D


I feel like ninjaraping them now.
Heh :P

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