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I dont need RED BULL to get HIGH.
Sunday, January 3, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I dont drink RED all.

I've just realised that I dont get HIGHed anymore,like I used too.

This is so not cool,really.

Working now made me realised that I can actually count on my myself.for real,this time.lesser complaints about any dissatisfaction or overloaded teen angst blurt out here :) Correct me if im wrong but I do feel like an outcast (sometimes) at my work place.It's not that I dont want to talk to them,but it's just that getting to know oneself is a lot harder in reality.I cant really just approached them and randomly say hi.They'll think my brain has bee misplaced somewhere -.- The so-called new friendship amongst the colleagues are not working that well.I can only work with certain people.In good terms,of course.Other seems to have a hard time accepting yours truly into the family.I'm not saying they are obnoxious (dont get me wrong,please) They are nice once you get to get to know them.But for now,it's just awkward,I must say.It's not that I dont want to speak up,it's just that I'm afraid that i'll get shoot with hurtful know what I mean? D: Although,i'm getting used to all these,thank you very much.The environment was okay,I supposed.Family oriented environment destressed me a lot of time :) Guests (humans with feeling) are just as irritating and nice like all of us are.Everyone demands perfectionism in our work and we tried our best to fullfill it :D Forgive me if I do look as I want to kick your face sometimes.Major teen angst.Heh.Try not to being so fucked up infront of me kayy? I had enough.

and Sir Hanafi is out mood today? Eek.

School's commencing in two days time.A brand new year unfolded.There was this one day when I actually rushed my mum to get ready to go Klang to buy new bags and shoes for me -.- .My mum was suprised alright.Later only I realised that I'm no longer a high school student.Feels like a donkey asking my mum silly questions -.- LOL.Jesson actually miss me.Cant help but to go awwww over his text message :3 I miss you too wei! We'll go out one day,okay? :D I have to say this : I'm missing the prefects' gathering already ): Usually,it will be Kwang Hua's then followed by HSK,MGS last it will always be Acmar,ACS and La Salle *hint hint* :P To all of you who is going to the next form,have fun while it last.Heeee.Dont worry.Face every outcomes with confidence and determinations. *cheers* :D

My graduated batch of Form 5 are really feeling the slow goodbye process.Many were to go to college,NS,and working (like me).I wonder when do we actually have time to meet up? D: The soon-going-to-be-NS almuni-after-3 months-from now,I wish all of you the best of luck.I'm sure you'll have fun there :) Make some new friends,alright? (gosh,I sounds like a mother saying all this -.-) and PLEASE DO NOT SHOT ME WITH M16~ rofl.Eee.i miss them already ): The bitching seesion with Tiffany,the HAHA conversations with Chua,the awkward yet fun chitty chats with Dinesh and so much more.

Tiffany's kicking me in the head if I ever patted her again.

Opss.I just did.

Oh my gee.
I forgot to give Chua his birthday present -.-

My daily routine now are basicly going to work,going online and do nothing else? Heh.My mum's nagging already *whistle like some dumbass* Yeah.I'll be helping her after this.*grins like good girl* :D Lee Hsiang the tepek victim claimed that I owed him a quarter meal.Like WHAT? HAHA.suddenly.Weirdo.LOL.Meh.I am missing a lot of people actually.I shall text Arif first of all.Heh.then,the other earthlings who are actually still breathing now :D 'Amirah texted me today.Happy!! *square dance* :D Sorry Bjorn as I always have not enough credit to reply you ): Sometimes it's troublesome using prepaid method.Mehh.Buying another number soon.Maxis,anyone? :D I think Adrian is mad at me ): Eee.sorreh.I shall pat you then. *pat pat* ;) See? I'm being so nice now.

Regarding my novels,yes,I'm publishing it.FOR REAL.It does burn a whole in the financial state,but I made up my mind.I've been telling everyone about it and none actually work out.Like damn stupid,right? ish.After the editing process is done,I'll be going to Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka to register my novels with Kak Awien.She's like my godsister now.Now is the printer that is being such a pain in the ass.STUPEEEEED PRINTER! *burn printer with kerosene oil* Heh.I want to buy a new printer soon.ASAP ! This is getting disasterous!

Dutchboy has been MIA for such a long time.Eee.I miss him ): I miss the sesat moments together.Seems that he's into someone now? AHEM. *clear throats* :P Ikmal is now in Pahang D: Lagi sedih.cant expect me to go there to see him right? Meeh.I'll keep in touch with him though :) Who's up for a stalking session of Toh Chun Ho? xD Told Dianne about the little secret *winks* :P

P/S : I'm going to be the cashier again tomorrow.and Monday.Assembler on Tuesday.tsk -.-
PP/S: Patting is my new style *pat pat* Heee.
PPP/S : Fucked up that bitch.

Looking for that special someone now.

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