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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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I put my socks in the soup (!).
Wednesday, January 27, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Some random title with no apparent reason.Just bear with me,would you? I'm going to make this post a meaningful one before I disappear for weeks.maybe.Hee.

Why I am shooooooo happy today (emphasizing the word SHOOOO ) .

At work

-I got to stalk the guy who works at B.U.M Equipment ; RAWRR!!he's so PANAS,can? ;D I'm going to find out more about him soon.Ngehehehe xD

-The B.U.M guy (i dont know his name yet) passed by Kenny Rogers THREE TIMES!! awesome,i know :D :D and.Psh.his hair so niceeeeeee!

-Act like some retarded fagg when I saw Sir LOA,i know -.- but hey,I'm just over excited.Heh.and he smiled back at me! *grins* :D

-Harass Chian by telling her about him all the time.She always smack me with the menu everytime I start talking about him.Hah! x) She hates me for that.sorry lah,Chian.

-I did some mime out of boredom in front of,im not showing off,please.Just bored.and Chian was impressed! Heh :P

-I got to spend my quality time,eating without any distraction from FINALLY.Was super hungry too! D:

-It rains.I like it when it rains.LOL.

-I smuggle a chocolate muffin before break.Okay I lied.Chian did that.

-I saw ang moh(s) today.A group of them.Heh.become jakun for a while.KMP -.-

-The yellow man (DiGi) coverage are absolutely constipation,i guess.ROFL.

At home

- went to the computer shops to buy computer gadgets.Webcams and MP3!!! very cheap price summore.Weeeh! ;D

-Got to text Bell and Tirzah.peacefully.Ah,i just love them both so much.

-Getting used to go blog-hopping for no reason.Maybe I like knowing how do other people run their life everyday :D

-Zaty helped me to edit some picture.Weeh! it turn out awesome.and yay for Battle Of The Sexes! ;D

-I already sign up for IACT's AD-venture two days course in March. Awesomeness.Thanks,Soon Chia! :D

-Su Vien is applying to be a Kumon teacher too! yaaay for Kumon! ;)

-Danny is having his JPJ test next Wednesday.Good luck,Danny D! *airhugs* :)

-Went LOLing wit trickymazge.Thanks to him,i'm all fagg up. -__-

It's already 2 in the morning.

"what's better than being right?"

"being left?"

a totally lame joke.

Someone is not going to be happy that I stay up late :|
Off I go now.Byeeeee ;D

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