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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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I see you!! :D
Sunday, January 24, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I'm not depressed nor retarded.

I'm just *bang head on the wall happily* :P got the picture,right? :) The guests are so nice today.Felt very much relieved to work as the server.One of the guest actually looked like Arif.ROFL :P I was like 'whattttt?!' HAHA.Probably i miss him also.LMAO.Sir Hanafi paid us a visit.Seemed that he wanted to talk to me,but then,i wasnt really in the mood.Sorry ): One of my colleague,Razy celebrated his birthday and well,those who are working night shift were all craze up and decided to mess the restaurant by throwing a partay.among us.

Well,sort of.

It was water everywhere and whipped cream.and cheese.omgee :O so messy,i tell you.After I finished cleaning up,I rushed to the parking lot as my dad were already waiting.TEEHEE :P

I'm not entering the reality show i'd mentioned before because i have to be 18 on January 1st this year.and I'm not ): so yeah,plan cancelled.back working my arse off earning money.and please,to those who actually read my blog,do respect my privacy and dont tell out loud in public that you actually read my blog.what's written here,stays's,you talk about the things that I dont want to talk all.Probably,I'll privatised my blog soon if this continues.irritated entirely.

shits happened and i can only express it here ;
besides talking to the happy pills ,of course.

I'll try to cheer up,okay? :D Like a wise man once said,friends comes and go.only the true friends stay.I would probably be struggling now if it wasnt for Tirzah :) Thank's true when she said,it's their mouth and none of our yeah.I'll be strong.yes,I am indeed emotionally attached to someone (which I dont think he know about it) and I keep on expecting for miracle to happen.

"Did you happen to see MIRACLE anywhere?"

"Sorry.MIRACLE just left"

Eee.I dont want to talk about it already,please. *slaps myself* D: I'm going to occupy myself doing a lot of now.

Also,I am officially addicted to Youtube! and MCFLY!!! 8D I MCFLY! :D got hooked to their songs after i heard I've Got You again at one of the site i went.Already downloaded most of their songs.and well,listened to them everyday when i got back from work.Heeee :] by the way,McFly are great doing covers for other artists.My all time favourite is You Are The One I Want from Grease The Movie :)


My favourite band member ; Danny Jones

McFly is a great band.
and NO,they are not a bunch of gays.

P/S : The tepek victim is so *bigbiggrins* 8D Eheh.
PP/S : NS took the sarcasm mojojo away -_-
PPP/S : Pretty boy is awhsummm ;D

UNDERDOG is the actual hero.

Off I go now.

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