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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Justify my thought,will you?
Wednesday, January 13, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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The day at work today was surprisingly fun and well,FUN :) Being the cashier wasnt that stressful as the MOD (manager on duty) were helping me all day.Since tomorrow,we'll be having our annual Roaster Eating Day nationwide,we decided to blow balloons and hung it up around the should see how colourful and lively the restaurant is.and guess what? I met Nalini! *grins like mad* :D :D It was really unexpected to see her.and she's starting college tomorrow. D: Aiks.why so fast? Eeee.

Well,I chatted with the pretty boy yesterday.Basically the usual's no big deal as he didnt go online on MSN for quite some times.Hee ;] am here to say sorry to Tirzah because I was so busy lately that I didnt get to reply her msg ): sorry,babe.Ah Ning has made up his mind.He's going to Form 6 in yeah.he can relaxed now that his studies are all planned up.Envy D:

Hakim texted me today and told me that he miss me.Awwww ;D I miss you too,can? LMAO.After chatting for a while,I asked him whether he can be my French teacher.because I so want to learn the sexiest language on the planet *chuckles* :P and HE SAID YES! *jump excitedly* xD Our class will begin next Monday.Whee! (:

As all of you aware,my tutoring at Kumon already started on was tiring but seriously fun (: the kids are undeniably naughty,but heck,I dont mind.Most of them are just so adorable!! ^^ so yeah.I am now called lause (teacher in Chinese) or teacher among them :D My schedule are so packed now.hope ill have time to spare to go out with my friends.

Daniel Ng! Have fun on the first day of college ay? :D

I guess I'll stop here.

Good night.Xx

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