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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Sunday, January 10, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Yours truly finally a visit back to her alma mater few days back.A lot has change,I must say.It's either the environment of only me realising the fact that I am no longer a part of the high school circle.I paid a visit to every corner of the school and yes,I meet up with my former teachers.

The warm hug that Pn.Chong gave me was indeed touching.Yes teacher,I miss you too ): The smile and laughter we had before are irreplaceable,that's for sure.The principal is like a mother to me.Ever welcoming every time I step into her office.We chatted a while before my journey of meeting the other teachers began.As I walked along the hallway,memories started flashing felt like movies.SERIOUSLY.

It really touched my fragile heart that everyone still remember's like I never left.Everyone said hi and gave me their warmest hug.I do wish it will last forever :) My former juniors are so supporting.The title 'Kak Atika' were never forgotten as well.Thank you ;] I gave a litle thought about all that happened on that day.I met the school counselor.and discussed everything.

I finally see the light.

Now that my path to further my studies are all planned up,I cant wait to further my studies.Maybe I wont be with my friends,but I know it is all part of life.We will meet new faces everyday but then,those who we've known for such a long time shall not be forgotten.To those I might have forgotten,I'm here to say that I'm sorry.Too much has been happening these days that probably some of you felt neglected.I feel neglected by myself as well.

How life can be so unfair sometimes? D:

I know I'm not perfect.For the better or for worse.I tried,but none seems to be working. *sigh* Some part of me are missing for sure.I miss him.I miss the times that we actually talks about everything and worries about nothing.I did my best telling him that I am now emotionally attached to him,but he doesnt seems to get the hint? Are you? A friend said that I should wait.Maybe I will.

Maybe one day he will realised that I need him.more than everything.

I am not over's time for the truth.I cant stop thinking about him.Eversince we stopped seeing each other,my feeling towards him gone *shoot up*.Eeek.Everyone around me are hiding their own dirty little secret.and I'm sick of pretending putting up pokerface.I'm not saying that I'll rather live in lies than being true to myself.but then,if being true to yourself and other people will lead to an even more worse outcomes,then I rather not.

I shall not rant about my work.Something disasterous happened today that I eventually break down and cried.Tears were the closest companion at that time.Psh ): I hate crying as it will give other people the perception that I am WEAK.and NO,I am NOT weak.It was entirely my fault,i know.But then,I doubt it,to be honest.I cant work under pressure.thank you very much.Something bad will bound to happen later.I am not pointing fingers at anyone,but do give me some space to breath for once.

I need my happy pills.

and NO,I am not being all emo.
just feeling a little low now.