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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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no longer an SPM virgin.
Friday, January 1, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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SPM? Big deal.'s new year! 2010!!

In a good mood perhaps? Maybe.

I shall not mentioned about how did my work goes today morning as I dont want to end up cursing =.=;; *clear throat* ;D PMS PMS PMS all the time.Meeehhh.


Thank you ;
Adrian.Adrian Leong.Amy.Mei Fen.Dianne.Daniel.Danny.Deshvin.Dinesh.Su Vien.Jason.Suthan.Bryan.Bjorn.Zul.Ter.Dayah.Joey.Cherrie.Alex.Yun Ming.Yun Ming.Jason Yap.Toh.Geetha.R.Wong Yin.Menning.Vivien.Shasta.Shamala.Brandon.Nicholas.

for the new year wishes ;)

As the sun rises,I only had one thing in mind ; changing myself to be a better person :D

My new resolutions?? be honest,I dont know.HaHa! Am just excited to wait what's coming next everyday.New challenges and obstacles.I shall be stronger to learn everything.Hee.the darling are currently in Singapore.I miss her D: Com back soon,Tirzah! :) The heartbreaking news was heard today.Sir Hanafi is shifting to Setia Alam! *sobs* He has to be the nicest manager I've ever work with.and he's cute! LOL.tell me where can you find a manager that is cute AND nice? :D :D Najmee from Nando's are an exception *giggles* :P

Most of my good friends are going to NS in few days time.Good luck to all of you aite? Have fun.and DO NOT shot me with M16 when you get back!! xD that was a message to Chua Yumin (who's going to be botak soon.I shall call you Shaolin Yumin 3 months from now *evil smirk* ) xD and also Tiffany Lee Kah Fong (I shall ninjarape Eunhyuk and Minho for you *gurgles* ) Heh.

*pats head*

All of you!! Take care! Cant wait to see all of you soon!! in 3 months timeeeeeeee!! Eeee.

This post is getting so random.

School's starting on Monday.It does feel weird seeing kids wearing school uniform and im not? D: Eeek.I miss school.I miss the teachers.I miss the classes.I miss the janitor D: When can i see them? LOL.I am now 18.not officially though.but still,YAY! 18 and above rated movies!!! *popsconfetti* :D Can watch now.

Can wait to watch movie soon.Heee :D

Holy fudge.Menning,Gim Chai,Wee Lim,Shi Zhang is fighting to push Jason into Sungai Klang.and Im dragged into the conspiracy.Like WTF? *laughed hard* HAHA.retarded La Sallians.and im the only girl -.-
Idiots,i tell you.HAHA.Drawing class gone bad.I am ze teacher.Ngeh.ill rather kill myself than teaching them all.LOL.

Dianne is one amazing singer.

Adrian the adorkable *grins* guy is in need of my help.So i shall help him now :D

Till the next post,folks ;)

Awaiting for the challenges.
New experiences.